Posted by: Moon | April 7, 2010

From Newport Beach to Plave Vozokany

After a hard days graft in the garden, chopping wood, and filling the woodshed ready for Winter next year, I found I had a few minutes, and I started to browse through some ‘old’ photos from the USA … how on earth did I give up an excellent job in England, meet and marry a Slovak girl and come to live in Plave Vozokany ??? Spending a fortune to move countries twice, a Honeymoon we took, costing a fortune, only to return to life losing my job the next day… the expense of buying cameras, seeing as much of the USA and selling 2 cars…. I can tell you… not a cheap thing to do…

Any regrets… None.. would we have done things differently… of course, but I am so glad we did what we did …. so def no regrets…

How though this all happened, finishing with me living in Slovakia, married to a Slovak and expecting an ickle Slovak / English Kobe in Sept… fucked if I know… it’s been an interesting time, can you believe, all that in 3.5 years ??????….. I guess we are no strangers to making some bold decisions, and no-one can accuse us of not living life to the full ….. we end up here, Miska working hard, me struggling with the language, and no job on the horizon .. Ah well… it will all work out !!!

So from here to here




  1. It always works out… because we have each other, are happy, healthy and having a ickle tickle thing growing which will be only ours… Soooo it will be ok :))))

    • Was the baby moving, or was it wind ?

  2. We’re laughing at Mrs M’s ‘ickle tickle thing’ comment.

    Cute! xx

  3. lol. i’m the same. not sure if i felt a tickle (excellent word for it) or if’i imagined it.
    i’ve had a weird journey getting to ireland i must say…and expensive now you come to mention it! worth it though isn’t it.xx

    • Every single step is worth it !!!…… Miska said it was like butterflies … but I actually felt it for the first time !!! x

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