Posted by: Moon | April 3, 2010

Giving EnglishMum a run for her money …

My Mother-in-law (sounds like the start of an awful Bernhard Manning gag)… is a wonderful home cook and baker. I sometimes think that she could cook a tad more healthily… well, I say a tad, when I mean 100% more healthily, however, everything is freshly made, and we know exactly what our Chickens and Pork has been fed on !

Slovaks love to bake… and bake… and bake. With it being Easter and a few days off (well, for the two working members of this family) Anka has declined to help in the garden, and spent her time baking.. and I am telling you now, you will not find any cakes as good as these in ANY bakers, Tesco or Cafe in the world.. I kid you not. I would love to go all EM on you and share the recipe and the stages of cooking,

however, it’s all in Slovak, and you will end up with “Snips and Snails, and Puppy Dog Tails” in your cakes, also, I get ushered out of the kitchen whilst the baking is going on. I did check for Tesco wrappers in the bin, nowt… these are all 100% home baked.

Here you go EM, a challenge for you .. beat these wonderful morsels …



  1. Wow, they are amazing – great macro shots too, Moon.

    Best I can come up with is Rocky Road Nests (well, it is Easter…)

    • They taste far better than they look !

      • I’d love to get the recipe for that layered dessert with the little hearts on top – I suppose there could be translation issues though…

      • I can ask Miska.. it’s scrummy !!!!!

  2. When you finish eating these, can we get a shot of you in profile? Likely to be more than one “bump” in the family. Mouth watering!

    • I will be bigger than Miska !!

      • He has been wearing her maternity trousers…….

  3. When can I move in?

    • they are so kind, you would be welcome in a heartbeat… also, i need a hand to keep up eating everything !

  4. And Aunty DBM… they are bloody comfortable !

  5. Oh, my goodness! I can feel my waistline expanding just looking at them! But oh, wouldn’t I love to try one!

    • I’ll send them over Jay x

  6. just had my elevensies and now those fab photos are making me reach for my threesies!! you lucky man having those at your fingertips.x

    • Not too sure it’s lucky … dangerous on the waistline !

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