Posted by: Moon | April 1, 2010

So Annie is going to be a Granny ….

She will hate that …. but of course that’s the way it’s going to be… anything but Granny Annie she said .. hmmm…

I am not sure of any know our family, but I am the youngest of 4. You all know DBM and then there is my other Sister Rach, and Brother Tim. This is the first addition to the family and we are all very excited. It does of course come with some problems. Most Grandma’s are a major part in the life of the baby, and it is going to be a tough strain on Mum to be that far away. She has waited so long, even promised her fortune to the bearer of her 1st Grandchild, I am not sure she thought it would ever happen. Now it is happening, she is very sad that her Grandchild will be so far away. I can understand that. She is very jealous of Ma and Pa Slovak, who will obviously be seeing the baby every day…. but, there is nothing I can do about this. With the use of Skype, and cheap airfares, we will be doing all we can to make sure Ma and Aunty Rach and Aunty  DBM will be doing all they can to help with ‘Kobe’ Aunty Alison and Uncle Tim (sounds weird doesn’t it!) are coming to see us in April, and I will be talking to them as much as I can for help, guidance and of course gifts for their niece/ nephew….

But for Mum, it’s a time of mixed feelings, I know she is delighted, I know that she wishes only 100% the best for us, and the final spreading of our family. She will be sad that ‘Kobe’ will only have one grandfather, and Dad missed out on this. We can only do all we can to make sure Mum is a massive part of ‘Kobe’s’ life, and you don’t get dealt the perfect hand. After all, once I decided to marry a Slovak, this was always going to be an issue for one of the families. I just hope that with Mum, Aunty Rach, Alison and Uncle Tim’s willingness to travel, and Aunty DBM’s basement (which I think she has just bloody sold, and now has a ‘room’ under the stairs) .. all the aunt’s, Uncle’s and Grannie Annies will be a massive part of Kobe’s future …

One of Mum’s concerns will be that the baby will grow up speaking Slovak, which of course she is right, but… as you all know.. my Slovak is terrible, and I have to re-assure her that her grandchild will be multi-lingual from the first words he/she speaks… How weird must that be for a child.. to learn 2 languages from the beginning… alot bloody easier than learning it when you are 38 I guess !!!!!! I do worry how the little brain will cope with that, but I am assured it will work things out all on its own, and we won’t have any issues… In fact, it should be a huge bonus, and when the kids at school are at English lessons, maybe Kobe can pick up a 3rd langauge .. we’ll see (hope the little sod’s spelling and typing is better than mine)

With the other side of the family, English Mum etc being prolific in providing little ones, I am going to be asking her lots of advice.. I might give Mad Uncle A a miss on asking for parental advice… but EM will get a barrage of questions.

I am so lucky, the love my family have grown over the years has blown me away right now. We had some early issues, and every one of them was sympathetic, hard with advice when needed, and always there for us, it means so much to me to have wonderful people to call as family, and I am so happy that they will finally have a Nephew / Niece, and the chance to experience everything we do as Little Kobe bounces into the world …

With all the tests done, and we are far more comfortable that we were, we are now excited by all of this. We are looking at pushchairs, we have a cot… and we are ‘suggesting’ that any nice gifts would be more than welcome (after all, I am unemployed).. Baby monitors, high chairs etc … I know that Grannie Annie, English Grandma are knitting, and even Aunty Rach is giving it a go.. makes us feel very special (nothing in Red and White pls)….. So, momentum is growing, Miska is growing and I am getting very excited by the impending Fatherhood… does that mean I have to grow up ???



  1. Aw what a lovely post. I have a Spanish friend who speaks only Spanish to her daughter so that she picks up her Mother tongue, but her hubby speaks only in English. It’s lovely to hear her jabbering away to her Mum in Spanish then seamlessly breaking back into English.

    And sorry, I can’t take ‘Aunty Rach’ ‘Aunty DBM’ and ‘Uncle Tim’ seriously yet. Give me time.

    • I know … it doesn’t roll off the tongue yet for me either… They are pretty excited about it all I can tell you, but I think Rach needs so help with knitting !

  2. We’re all so delighted for you. I know Annie is a bit sad you’re not nearer, but as you say, with cheap air fares, the internet etc, she will see her grandchild grow and be part of its life. I hope Great Auntie Rit will get a look in and a few cuddles too!

    …and, yes Moon, you’re now going to be a father and the head of a new branch of your family tree…some serious responsibility there young man!!

    Lots of love to you all XX

  3. As an Aunty to 2 lovely little girls courtesy of my lil’ sis and bro-in-law, having kids is the greatest way of never growing up! I can do things with them that I couldn’t do on my own like play in the swing park (ok I know I am there to keep an eye on them and help them up the steps to the slide but once up there you have to come down again don’t you!)
    Also I won’t look so sad going to see all the new Disney films coming out as it will be the perfect excuse to go see them (even if I have to make 15 trips to the toilet and miss some of the funniest scenes!) instead of waiting until the film are released on DVD
    Moon, you will make a great dad and Mrs M a great mum. As for the grandparent thing, I grew up not knowing my mum’s dad who died long before I was born and I don’t wish to blow my own trumpet …but… I don’t think I turned out so bad 😉
    Right am off to walk the houndies then on to my mum’s as there is an Easter Egg hunt round the house (the garden is out for hiding eggs as it is going to be another wet and windy day here) and guess who will be helping look for them!!

    • Good point with the Disney films… my dvd is lacking those right now, but this is the perfect chance to start to watch them all…

      As for Easter egg hunts.. it was an old tradition in my family, and that will start again as soon as it’s possible …

  4. It doesn’t mean you need to grow up, you get to be a kid again.

    • I don’t think I will ever grow up… Miska often rolls her eyes as I fool about !

  5. Again, congratulations, Moon. As for the language thing, trust me, it won’t be too much for the little brain. In many places, kids learn several languages. I grew up learning two languages, and little ones just absorb it all. It will be beautiful to see him/her jabbering in both, switching back and forth, making little discoveries like, “Oh, a cow and a krava are the same thing!”

    • We were talking about this as we took a walk today, it’s certainly going to be an advantage for the little one to be learning it naturally.. quite exciting !

  6. Red and white it is then………oh, and the “cupboard” is not under the stairs, it is off one of the bedrooms under the eaves of the house. We actually have several of these, but one of them is already completely carpeted, wall to wall to ceiling – everything! Perfect.

    • Well, you had best get Saving Aunty DBM.. has that sunk in yet, me and EM still find it strange to call you Aunty !

  7. Oh, how sweet! I can feel your excitement!

    I am on the other end of the tug-o-war. My son has an Italian girlfriend who has chosen to come and live over here in England. Her mother, naturally, is very sad, just as I am rather pleased. Fortunately, travel is fairly easy between Italy and England and they’re over there now, visiting. And I am learning Italian. One day, they may decide to move over there …

    • That’s exactly it Jay.. one set of parents are delighted, the other naturally sad. Like Italy, we have various flights that get here, inc the dreaded, but cheap, Ryanair.. also, we have 3 airports that are reasonably close by, Vienna, Budapest and Bratislava.. two of those offer wonderful City visits to….
      I guess (I will see if I am good at this in the coming years) you have to let your children do what they have to do, and just remember that they are happy .. not easy though ..

  8. I’m in a similar situation with my bump. My mum and my sister are in england, dad died a long time ago. Strange mix of feelings isn’t it.
    I really miss my mum and my sister at the moment, my phone bill is huge all the questions i keep asking them. hehe. You’re right though. Its all good and we are really lucky.
    I’ve started buying things too. hehehe
    (oh and nah, you don’t have to grow up too much).xxx

    • I’d love to know more, seems as we are on identical paths right now… how strange… yes, it all is strange, and means I miss Dad a whole lot right now…. We haven’t quite bought anything just yet, I am a little superstitious about it, and I just can’t bring myself to buy things…. yet …

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