Posted by: Moon | March 31, 2010

krásna Slovensko



  1. I should get up at 2:30am more often – the internet is a happening place at this time! Nice photos!

    • Thank you …. it’s a beautiful place.. Tim and Ali are coming over in April too !

  2. amazing photos. now you’ve made me really really want a glass of cold lager…shame on you hehehe.xx

    • Ha.. how long have you got to wait ???.. Miska does have the occasional glass of wine ..

  3. Great stuff Moon. Love the jacket photo. Love the glass of beer!

    • That one was Miska’s.. the beer was all mine, thought you might like it !

  4. If I left my jacket hanging over a fence pailing it would be full of spiders by morning! Gorgeous gorgeous shots as always. I’m very envious of your camera skills and your amazing subject matter . . the mountains Moon, the mountains!

    • Yes… I was very careful living in Oz of those kinda things, even in CA it was the same .. but here we are safe from deadly things … and yes.. the mountains Baino… they are beautiful…

      I am not sure I have particular good camera skills, we have good cameras, and after a while you start to look at things differently.. not just a snap and gone, but you think a little more about what you are taking..

      and don’t let anyone fool you… anyone can take pictures like these

  5. WOW! That scenery is stunning! You certainly do live in a beautiful country!

    • This part certainly is beautiful, we live further south, where it is very flat, but has it own beauty .. however, (and there will be a blog to follow) they have one big issue here … litter.. for some reason, some people thinks it’s ok to just dump litter anywhere, makes me mad !

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