Posted by: Moon | March 28, 2010

Simple Question … interesting answers …

In 2006 there were 12,271 gun related deaths in the USA

In 2006 there were 605 gun related deaths in Canada

In 2006 there were 59 gun related deaths in England

‘If guns are there to protect you, the USA must be the safest place on earth”

These figures disturb me …. I wonder why, in America, guns have escalated like they have … people will talk about America’s violent history, but that doesn’t work with me… I am sure that the English, Japanese, Germans etc have had far more violent histories … Films and video games … again.. they do not differ from country to country …

so, enlighten me ….



  1. If you don’t have a gun, you can’t use it to kill someone. How many people in England do you know that own a handgun? I persaonally don’t know anyone. I do know some people in Canada who own shotguns for hunting – they do that a lot here, so I suspect that just the accessability of guns has an effect on the nuber of deaths. That probably explains, in part, why Canada has more deaths than England.

    Have you watched “Bowling for Columbine”? Micheal Moore askes exactly the same question. My favourite part in the movie is when he goes into a bank and gets a free gun when he opens a bank account with them.

  2. I watched it with you remember ……

    I agree 100% … if you get into an argument in England… with no gun .. then you have a fist fight, and yes, you can die from that, but it’s unlikely ….

  3. Can’t enlighten you. Doesn’t make much sense to me, either.

    The entitlement comes from a time in our history when the federal army was small and supplemented by state militias, people were expected to keep and maintain arms for battle. Obviously things have changed, but the entitlement remains.

    I can’t think of a single reason to own a handgun, other than to shoot someone else. So I just tend to stay away from situations like that, it’s not very difficult. It’s not as if I live in a war zone.

  4. i live in a rural area and there are two guns in our household. hunting rifles. locked up in a cabinet, responsibly owned and used and regularly checked by the gards. they terrify me. utterly terrify me. i agree with you. however, a lot of the guns used in crimes are not licenced to the user, they are bought and sold ilegally….if that makes sense.
    but i still, do agree with you.xx

    • I agree with you… but it also has a lot to do with attitude…. like you, I have never held a gun, and I would be scared to do so… but it’s just a normal thing for Americans .. (some americans I might add) … it’s a normal thing…

  5. I believe the majority of deaths resulting from gun play (what a concept!) are tied directly to the commission of crimes. The fact that handguns are so readily available in the US guarantees they will be used for crime, therefore more deaths. In Canada our handguns are severely restricted and the ones used to kill are normally smuggled in from the US and are part and parcel of the drug trade.

    It would be interesting to get a statistic on how many gun related deaths are innocent people as opposed to gang related (as is the case here in Vancouver). As far as I am concerned, if the gangs and criminals want to kill each other, go for it! When innocent by-standers get hurt, then it becomes a problem.

    So I believe it is a combination of the ease of availability and involvement in crime that makes the difference. Who knows?

    • Yes, gang crime might have a huge sway .. but the mentality is just so bizarre ….. crime has escalated.. and it’s normal to use a gun ….

      I don’t understand it …. and it is one of the reasons we didn’t chose to stay in CA..

  6. The US has 14 x our population and 500x more gun deaths (suicide and homicide) than Australia now don’t tell me gun control doesn’t work. It’s all this silly historical ‘right to bear arms’ bullshit that was probably necessary in the wild west once upon a time but has no relevance in today’s context. I hate the things.

  7. It’s quite stunning to me that the pro-gun lobby can look at these figures and continue to fool themselves! Of course, having got themselves into this situation, it’s nigh on impossible to escape without all of the guns ending up in the hands of the criminals and thus making everyone feel very much less safe.

    I don’t know what the answer is!

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