Posted by: Moon | March 26, 2010

The Good Life… Slovak Style..

The sun has been shining now for 5 days straight, temperatures touching 22 Deg C.. if this is what the weather will be like for Spring and Summer.. who needs California ! (I am assured that it won’t be like this everyday!)… and all this means Spring is here, which creates HUGE amounts of work for the Sadovski / Wheeler household. Miska has told me all about the garden, the fresh vegetables and the vineyard, but so far it has all be covered by snow… well, not anymore.

With me and Ma Slovak out of work, we have been busy…. Pa and Ma Slovak had a large erection in the garden … the ‘greenhouse’… and we have been planting ever since. Come the Summer we will have redkovka, mrkva, salat, pastrnak, hrasok, rajciak, cesnak, cibula, paprika… fruit galore and fresh grapes for wine … (radish, Carrots, Lettuce, parsnip, peas, tomatoes, garlic, onions and peppers for you non Slovak speakers))…. in fact, far too much for us to eat, and guests will always depart with carrier bags of fresh veg and fruits …

I think that Pa Slovak will take the role of Tom Goode, and Ma as Barbara….  and it’s bloody hard work… but with the sun shining, a great way for us to bond, and of course to look forward to the harvest. As you can see from the pictures.. the pile of wood is for me to cut, split and store ready for next winter, with the chickens providing the eggs for breakfast, and the hidden piggies will be ready for Klobasa (sausages) in Nov… pretty much self-sufficient… if only we had a cow !!!!

It’s  a change from my UK life.. but I guess it’s always been with our family. My Staryotec (grandfather) was a wonderful gardener, and doing all this took me back to Birch Road… helping him with (well, eat as they came out of the ground) his peas, carrots etc.. the smell of his fresh tomatoes will never leave me, and I swear, to this day, that in his garden he had the mecca of all plum trees… NEVER has a plum ever tasted so good.

So, this is a small insight into country life we are now living. Do I miss working in the city (well, I miss the money) but I love getting out the chainsaw, spending a few hours working for a new living… with the sun on my back… pretty ideal… !!

I found this fella in the Vineyard



  1. A lovely way to spend your day. I like the photos, the dog looks particularly pleased with himself!x

  2. I love to see you are using slovak language… xxx

  3. I definitely agree with you on the plums, but really, you can’t say “Pa and Ma Slovak had a large erection in the garden” …. come on, that is just wrong!!!!

  4. Wow that’s quite a ‘plot’ and the soil looks amazingly rich. I’ve been meaning to start a veggie patch for ages . . soon . . .soon Moon!

  5. Looks great, I love pictures. I do not envy you the work ahead on that wood pile, though!

  6. Gorgeous!! I love the story, I love the photos.. well done Moon, for all your efforts in your new country and family. And all their efforts too. Really great stuff. I applaud you my friend! xx

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