Posted by: Moon | March 23, 2010

What a surpise .. they do have mountains !!!

So… for a belated birthday present we got a week-end away at our wonderful friends place in the mountains …. we only spent 2 days up there, and after two previous visits the ‘alledged’ mountians had not shown their true beauty from under low clouds and persistant rain ..

We got lucky,  the sun shone perfectly for saturday, and I saw the splendor and beauty of Slovakia ….. stunning …



  1. Miska, Miska, Miska: Have you been eating a bit too many goulash dinners – or is that a little Moon I see?

    • She bigger than me now !

  2. Definitely a baby bump! She glows! And your sunnies are very clean!

    • Remember Baino, I am married to Monica… everything is always clean !!!!!

  3. Thank you Rick… even I love gulas its hard to keep up eating as fast as my belly grows… happened all of sudden.. 🙂

  4. Lovely photos, lovely bump!x

  5. I wonder which you thought more beautiful? Mrs M or the mountains? Second thoughts, I think I know! 😉

    Love the reflection in the sunglasses pic!

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