Posted by: Moon | March 17, 2010

Finally… I thought the chance had passed me by … I’m going to be a Daddy !!!

It’s been a while, and I have been dying to blog and tell the world the news, that my beautiful wife is going to add to the Wheeler Clan in Sept !!!!

I still can’t believe it !!

“Kobe” is doing well, and Miska is looking like she has eaten a few too many pies, and I am walking around on cloud nine ! (and wearing her maternity trousers… they are sooo comfy)

For all of you who have been through this… advice please, for those of you who can knit… nothing in RED please… of those of you who can’t knit, but are doing your best… thank you.. for future Uncles, Aunties and Grand parents… congratulations …..

and for my wife.. Thank You x



  1. Ha, finally you came out! Congratulations. My only advice, get all the sleep you can while you can . . your circadian rhythms won’t get back to normal for another 20 years!

    • Yes, it’s wonderful to be able to enjoy, and not to have those worrying test results anymore…. 20 years.. sounds like a sentence !!.. and i can’t wait for all the new ups n downs !

  2. Woo hoo! Congratulations, Mr and Mrs M!! Yeah, what Baino said. Sleep now, and sleep lots. You will be sleep deprived soon enough!

    No, really, my best advice is to just enjoy each moment. Try not to listen to too much ‘advice’ especially the unsought type. Just live in the day when the little one arrives. No rushing forward to tomorrow – it comes always too soon!

    • You see, i want advice, but not scary advice…. Miska is worryied, naturally, at the smallest things, but finally we can start to enjoy this… x

  3. What Baino said! Congrats! Oh, and soon you’ll fit more in your car/bag/knapsack/etc… than you ever thought possible. lol.

    • I know what you mean.. I have started noticing other ‘mums’.. and they seem to have the world in their bags !!!… We have been looking at pushchairs.. my god there is lot to them !

  4. best wishes on the little one!

    • Thank you Patty.. thats really kind of you x

  5. You’re already a fab uncle and I know you’ll be a brilliiant Dad. Glad you can finally tell the world! Big huge hugs for M xxx

    • Awww, thats a sweet thing to say.. I guess it easier when the kids are easy as your and your Brother’s …. I can’t wait, but being an Uncle is far easier than being a Dad…. anyone can be a Father, but it’s takes someone special to be a ‘Dad’ …

  6. Awww how gorgeous! I saw English Mum’s twitter post about it! So pleased for you!

  7. Thank you Hayley, I really appreciate that x

  8. Congrats, enjoy every moment.So great you have all the family around.

    • Yes.. it tough with half the family in England and Canada, but this side of the family is wonderful

  9. how wonderful. and how weird because i’m 19 weeks pregnant with twins myself. so pass on any tips you get please!! i’m so pleased for you and what a fabulous scan.

    • Holy shit .. good luck with Twins… they apparently run in Miska’s side of the family ….thank you xx

  10. How exciting!! Congratulations!!!!
    (PS I ONLY knit red things.. sorry!)

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