Posted by: Moon | March 7, 2010

Living with the “parents-in-law”

I am pretty sure that at one time or another, we have all had to live with our in-laws… but we have plans to be probably living with mine for another 18 months at least, maybe even a little longer … No quite what we had planned, but it could be worse.

I’ll say it loud and proud, I love my parents-in-laws, I really do. (that was sincere as well!)

We are very lucky to have them, and lucky we all seemed to get on really well. It is also lucky that we have our own separate part of the house, and we are not always together. That makes it sound like we are living in the east wing of a mansion… not quite ! Just off the main house, there used to be a second large kitchen and toilet. They have very kindly refurbished this for us, and it gives us quite a large bedroom, with our sofa, and bed, bookcases etc, and our own walk through closet and bathroom. If we didn’t have our own little home inside the family home, I really don’t think this would work.. but thankfully it does.. very well.

They think I am a little crazy, and I seem to spend a huge amount of my time staring into this computer screen, what with Facebook, Twitter, Hotmail, Sport, streaming spurs games, skype,  blogging and Job Hunting. There is a good reason for this… Language issues !!! I am doing my best, and I think I am making progress, but when the TV is on, or the three of them (Miska Ma and Pa) are rabbiting on… well, I get kinda bored and I drift off to talk to all of you in some way… which I think is fair enough. The language issue does actually have a huge benefit. Certain things I want to say to Miska I just couldn’t if they understood me. We are going through a toughish issue right now that I want to be able to talk to Miska about, but not to worry her parents… If you had that situation in a ‘normal’ home… well, it would be full of whispers and trips outside !!!.. this way, as long as I smile.. I can say what I like.

Ma and Pa and typical Slovaks.. warm, loving, friendly, bloody hard working… and they love to feed me … They are not happy if they are not providing food for me. Milan is not that well, and he has a huge appetite, and with a metabolism of a horse, he eats and eats and eats … and they think I should to ! I often think they are having a small joke on my behalf. We will eat, a decent meal, and then in 30 mins time, I will be offered something else. I am sure they are joking… but they are not. They seem to have no idea that I am a small eater, with a small appetite. They also want to do everything for me, and that drives me CRAZY!!!! To a point when I lose my temper… such as getting food for me, getting my knife and fork, and even insisting on getting the dish from the microwave etc … IT DRIVES ME NUTS (although I am quite happy Anka likes to do the dishes ….)

I will also point out here another issue we have, but is slowly being resolved, and again it is food. Anka (like Miska) loves to cook, but 9/10 meals are fried.. I am not joking, and 99% of that is meat. If the meal does not have meat in it.. then it is no meal .. apparently. So, we tend to cook ourselves. I am no great cook, but I do cook Chilli, Stir-fry and curries… always with lots of veg, and we always have salads. The contrast is incredible between our food. A typical Slovak meal will be meat, rice or potato, and maybe some pickles. Never any veg, no peas, beans, mushrooms, brussels, carrots etc … nothing …. Again I am amazed. I real change from our normal diet. I won’t moan about the cake though, self restraint is the only way to keep the waist line down !!!

But, 99% of the time this works… They are wonderful trying to teach me Slovak, and we sit for long periods just trying to say the simplest things, but we get there in the end, and it is always done with a smile. You don’t need to speak the same language to be made to feel welcome and loved.

I think Milan is happy to have a ‘son’ who will willingly help him shovel coal or snow, cut down trees and prepare wood for the fire. He is happy that he knows he doesn’t have to tackle these things alone now, and we certainly bond doing the outside chores. Anka loves to have us both here, and it is a very happy household (well, I assume that, after all, they could be planning to murder me and feed me to the pigs)

Which is another new problem I have… we have just got two piggies, already being fattened up and ready for slaughter in Nov… not too sure how to handle that !!!

So we are settling very well, making use of our cameras, and I for one, am loving this new challenge … We even have lambs on our doorstep (well, the village next door.. )



  1. You are a very lucky man, my friend. Family is so important. I don’t know what you are complaining about regarding the meals, as I think meat is an integral part of every feeding. Which begs the question, what names have you given to the darling little lamb chops?

  2. They are for wool … not meat !!!!! they were very sweet though ….. !!

    you would love it Cortes, and on Saturday, we are celebrating Miska’s 30th, and we are doing traditional Goulash, on the open fire … you should come over…..

  3. I love my in laws too but fortunately, they’re 100kms away! And in a selfish way, I’m rather glad you spend time on your computer, I love chatting with you. Poor piggies . . at least they’re nice and organic and have a happy life until the end instead of being factory farmed and never seeing the sunshine. As for the lambs (I’m sure one of those is a kid) . . .don’t . .I repeat don’t . . . ever name your food. How far’s Slovakia from France? Because if the French are mean to us, we might just turn up with veggies in hand!

    • I think I am lucky that we are so advanced with computers etc that I do have people to talk to. Without work, I think I would go mad otherwise…. I agree about the piggies, they get treated well, and it’s life, to raise and eat your own food, certainly different from heading to the local supermarket, at least we know was these guys have been fed on !…. we are not too far… pop in and say hello !!!!

  4. Aw they sound so lovely! I can imagine the food issue must be a bit difficult, though. Not easy to be a long-term guest in someone else’s house! Shall I send you over an emergency broccoli parcel? x

    • well, we are so lucky that we don’t feel like guests, but of course there is always friction, but have my room to hide away in … as I have been most of the day !!!

      and yes please, and some Cheese too !!!

  5. what a story and how lovelt the lambs look!

    • Welcome Christina……. It’s an interesting life change, but wonderful experience all the same… and yes, they are very cute !!!

  6. Sounds like great in-laws. Having a tight knit family is an awesome thing that is often time overlooked. I hope I have half your luck in my future.

    • You will, people tend to give as much love as they receive. I have found that by making every effort possible, people respond in the same way in return … Family is everything to me… except DBM who just wants to steal my cheese !!!

  7. Can I have some cheese too, please?

    • Go to Costco and get your own !!!!

  8. Such a different lifestyle and with the language problem too, no wonder if you feel as if you could explode sometimes! I am actually very impressed that you are managing at all, because I think I would be in a deep depression by now, especially with the lack of veggies! So here’s the thing: we’re now taught that we need our ‘five a day’. So why aren’t the Slovaks dying like flies of lack of nutrients?

    Lovely lambs! They have such cute faces!

    • Well, when in Rome, and as we are going to live here, I have no choice, so here I am .. back at School !!!

      I am surprised at the lack of ‘greens’ to, esp as we have a lot of land to plant so much… and they do grow so much.. maybe it will change in the summer ?

  9. Very nice, Moon 🙂 Your in-laws sound like lovely people. I totally can empathize about all the offerings of food. Has you mom-in-law told you yet that you have the appetite of a cat? Or a bird? I hear that a lot when I don’t eat as much as she would like me to.

    • She probably has, but of course, I wouldn’t understand if she did !!!

  10. wow, and i thought the irish were always trying to make a person eat but that IS crazy!! the lambs are soooo cute.x

    • I’m telling TG, I honestly think they are joking sometimes, but they are serious…. on the hour every hour .. “are you hungry” ….. loving, but it would kill me if I ate like that….

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