Posted by: Moon | February 22, 2010

Life …

Job Hunting is shite !

Can’t blog about the things I want to blog about !

Snow !

Language !

Cockerels !

1st time in my life no money!

but ………

A family that loves me both at home and away !

Spurs won !

Hockey is fabulous !

Photo taking going well !

An Amazing Wife !

A Dog who loves me !

English Cheddar and Pickle !



  1. You have the most important things – a dog and English cheddar cheese. I am lacking both of those right now. Oh, and you might not want to mention the H word to any Canadians at the moment……

    • I might just mention it to Nancy !

      • Did you like Benny’s nose ?

  2. You have an abundance of the most important things. And DBM is correct, no more H words please.

    • The fat lady isn’t singing yet !! although the ‘fattening’ lady here is getting humpy !

  3. It’s tough Moon. I had to do things I didn’t like but an income is an income. I’m still not ‘happy’ at work but at least I’m paying the bills. Something will come along, at least you have Miska working to relieve the burden a little. It’s amazing how you can cope. Good luck to you, I mean it.

  4. With any luck the fat lady will not make it past the security checkpoint!

    Humpy? I like that. It has a certain ring to it that is almost irresistible.


  6. Well, what are you complaining about, Mr Moon? A loving family, a fabulous wife, cheddar cheese and a besotted dog. You are in heaven! Who knew heaven was in Slovakia?

    • I’m not complaining really… certain things are frustrating as you can imagine, but life certainly is working out well here .. really feeling at home, and loving the new experiences !

  7. Just finished reading English Mum’s post. I think congratulations are in order for you and Mrs. M. 😉

  8. Thank you… I can’t blog about it in full just yet, but I can assure you.. I want to !!!!!!!

    Scary times !

  9. Something will eventually come up Moon. You come across as someone who’s very industrious, so you’ll work something out, I have no doubt.

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