Posted by: Moon | February 10, 2010

14th of Feb .. what a sham !!!!

I’ll be called miserable over this post… infact I quote “a miserable old tosser” ….. unromantic, sad etc. I don’t care !

I have such a hatred over this day I can explain in words how much I despise the day !

If you are that sad that you have to traipse off to Hallmark Cards, buy a card and a bunch of flowers for your woman because society tells you that you should .. shame on you !

If you think the 14th is a day to make that special dinner, go out as a couple or slip on that sexy underwear …. shame on you !!!!

True romance is when you do any of these things… just for the hell of it, just because the feeling takes you… just because you get the urge to do it for the one you love. Romance is surprising your loved one, doing something they didn’t expect, making them feel special ….

Do me a favour, take a look at yourself if the 14th is the only day you decide to treat your loved one a little special !!!



  1. Holy Cow Moon! Last time I heard you go off like this was when you put your tee shot into the drink on the short par three 11th at the Ridge. Tend to agree with you though.

    • That landed maybe 4 inches short of the green ….. 4 inches !!! bloody wedge !

  2. Do you think the same of Christmas?

    • Not to sure that is relevant is it ?

      I was talking about Romance, being Romantic, and the 14th is the opposite of romance in my opinion

  3. Yeh you’re a little grouchy. Then I don’t celebrate Valentines at all, never did but I know young lovers who like the romance of it so who am I to begrudge?

    • because it’s the opposite of romance ….

  4. Christmas is also an artificial holiday – does that mean we shouldn’t give gifts then, does that mean we shouldn’t always love our family or want to get them together? It is just a day that we can all set aside to do things that we don’t normally get around to doing. Valentine’s Day is similar. It is not as though we just love our partner on Valentine’s Day, but I really don’t see why you get so worked up about a day when people show that they love someone. I agree, just sending roses and chocolates on Valentine’s Day and thinking that you can now ignore your wife for the rest of the year is not such a good idea. But an extra bunch of flowers, an extra dinner out, really, what is the harm? As it happens, I don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day, but I also don’t think that people that do are unromantic. It depends on the feeling behind the gift/dinner etc.

    • I think if all people do is celebrate on the 14th … is terribly un-romantic, and you are just doing it because society and Hallmark cards tell you that you should …. if it’s an extra bunch of flowers, or an extra dinner.. well, thats up to you, but if it’s the ONLY time, thats wrong … and a little sad..

      You can hardly be impulsive or spontaneous celebrating Christmas can you ?? bad example ..

  5. You can buy someone a present whenever you want – you don’t have to wait until Christmas. You can get together with your family and friends whenever you want, you don’t have to wait until Christmas. Not a bad example.

  6. Note to self, Moon, don’t even begin to argue with Bugs – you know you’re gonna lose. Was expecting a new blog post. Come on!!!! xx

    PS: Yup, it was me that called you a tosser..

    • I soooo wish I could blog about it… but I can’t.. I promised Miska that we would say anything because of her work ……..

      • of course… you could !….

        Damn it, I soooo want to !

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