Posted by: Moon | February 5, 2010

Ah Screw it …. I’m back in ….

So.. following my last blog, I’ve had an up turn in moods, coupled with some more positive news in life…

So, yesterday, with Miska at work, I decided to take the camera out and go for a snowy walk up to the Vine Yards. It was bloody cold !. We are having a normal winter apparently, but I think a month when the temperature doesn’t get above -5 Deg C and my life consists of getting out of the bed at 5.30am to sweep the driveway (I am a good husband aren’t I… well, the wife has to get to work) …

Anyhoo…. I took what was going to be a short walk up to the Vineyards, and on my strolls I took a few pictures.. Once up on the top of the hill I looked across the snowy fields and I could see Domi’s house (Domi is our cousin and Vet .. remember .. ?). So, bugger it, I was out, in the fresh air, so I took the decision to walk to her village. It was perfect for the soul, and blew some cobwebs out of the soul.

So here you go, a few pictures for you all ….



  1. Great photography Moon – it runs in the family! I really do like the shot of the green shutters and the orange wall (assuming this hasn’t been photoshopped of course). Well done.

  2. i also like the green shutters and orange wall, beauiful

  3. I liked the snow and the fields, curvy icicles and snow on doggies nose, heck I liked them all.Glad your back.

  4. Gorgeous. who’d have thought they could grow vines in that climate! Love the dog with the snowy nose. Then you knew I would!

  5. Bloody hell, Moon – that looks FREEZING! Especially when the icicles are blown sideways! And I thought we had wind here on the fens…

    Love the green shutter!

  6. Great collection, the shutters and the wavy one of the snow above it are my favorites.

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