Posted by: Moon | January 19, 2010

Is it a “goer” ???

So… what do you do ?

You and your wonderful wife have a ‘great’ idea.. a winner.. something that you KNOW the world is waiting for….

How on earth do you go about getting this idea to the world ?

Well, I have run the idea past a couple of people, and with reservations they all think the idea could work. So, I am busy filling my time designing 2 website (no, I am not going to tell you what the idea is, and neither, on pain of death will the couple of people I have talked to about it either !)…

Once the websites are done, then I guess I have to show the world and see if there is the possible interest that I feel there is. Now, I have invested hardly anything so far, and I don’t think I have to invest too much apart from my time (for now). But, what I do have to do is get my site to as many people as possible, and to advertise, get recognised on Google and generally make people aware of my site and, as Wallace would say, “my cracking idea” to as many as possible !

Any ideas on a cheap (and I mean cheap) way to get a web address to as many people as possible ?

I have a feeling I might be the next Gates or Branson ( I promise to employ a spellchecker/proof reader first)


  1. Well, if you are the next Gates or Branson, I expect a serious cut of the profits, lots of shares and a substanial pay rise. Oh, and I will spill the beans for a packet of Jelly Babies, if anyone is interested.

    • you Jelly Baby whore !

  2. Let me be your guide to golf and beer! Preferably at the same time. Anywhere on the west coast of North America!

    • Yeah … we had this conversation, kinda fell apart when you mentioned an expense account …

  3. Well good luck! You need to get subscribers to your site. Not sure what the law is there but here it can’t be done via spamming or cold calling. Don’t get suckered into paying a fortune for SEO either. Best way to get your site out there is lots of networking. How about a ‘newsletter’ or some sort of call to action so that people willingly click. You can harvest their information then. I’ll have a talk to she who designs websites and get some clues.

  4. Oooh . . use ‘keywords’ in the pictures and text on your site. Boost’s your Google rankings when people search. Always keyword your pics don’t just leave the jpg name. e.g. If you’re writing about beer and you have a nice pic of an icy glass, make sure the name of the pic is ‘icy cold beer’ or something like that.

    • Oooh, thats a good idea… I’ll investigate that !!.. thanks for the help.. trust me, I need all the good ideas you can come up with, keep them coming please.. Thanks Baino x

  5. Sounds very exciting and interesting. I wrote all of the text for boyfs company website but then we handed it over to a designer….so i can help with wording if you need it…other than that i wish you luck and look forward to the unveiling.xx

  6. Oooh, how exciting! I have no idea how you get recognised by the great search engines, short of paying them for the privilege, but good luck!

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