Posted by: Moon | December 31, 2009

I can’t resist a shaggy dog story .. I am the dog rescuer

Well, here I am again telling you all of another dog rescue attempt. I really think it is terrible weakness that I cannot and will not leave any animal in distress.

We had a great afternoon, early night at friends, and as always I had a few to many shots (seems to be the norm in Slovakia) and driving out of Levice Miska says we need petrol. Cool, being the decent husband I am, I get out and fill the  car in the cold. As I stand there, I notice a fella standing with the HUGE German Sheppard by his side. No lead, but happy to be stood with him, coming back to him if he strayed. So, after filling up, Miska goes and pays, and my love of dogs get the better of me, and I slide over and gentle ask if the dog is friendly… Now, bearing in mind my Slovak is none to clever, I assume he says it is. It was nearly a classic case of

“Does your dog bite?”


Chomp, Chomp, Chomp ….

“You said your dog didn’t bite !!!”

“It doesn’t, that’s not my dog!!!”……

The dog isn’t his at all, but it has been hanging around the petrol station for a while now. So, I stroke the dog, and I can tell you, he is a HUGE monster of a German Sheppard, ears upright, big head, bigger teeth and the real deal. However, he is very friendly, in very good condition, claws short, well fed and groomed. He is no stray, but likely a guard dog or a outdoor pet. As I stand there, his ears are very alert, and he is watching ever car going past on the very busy main road… he is looking, waiting and getting quite distressed. suddenly he is off into the traffic, chasing a car.. how he was missed by the driver I don’t know…. shaken, I call, whistle and he does come back half way, only to head onto the road again. Heart in my mouth, I am now running, calling whistling in my best Slovak, and luckily, he avoids being hit again, and come back to me …. I am scared to grab his fur, not a clever idea with a dog this side, so lucky, the garage fellas produce some blue string, and I fashion a loop and secure him next to me.

Now what ??? .. well, he is calm, very happy for me to talk to him, stroke him etc … but he is getting anxious. Unlike England, there is no real RSPCA or the like, so the option is the Police … might as well call Mary Poppins for all the good they are !!.. Not our problem…. WHAT ?!?!? tossers … my heart is with the dog getting hurt, but my brain says he will cause an accident… and that will be their job to tell families about a fatal road accident. So, after a while of me soothing the hound, Miska arguing with the police, they say they won’t touch him, but if he gets in the boot of the car, they will take him to the kennels. So, the fabulous fellas at the garage and I try to temp him into the boot … not a hope in hell. He is not a happy dog, we get his front paws up, but any movement further.. growls and snarls a plenty … seems he does have quite a nasty streak. I naturally have the ‘snappy’ end.. and I’m not having that. However, when the Police say sorry and drive off… I still have this nervous, huge hound with me, and NEVER in a million years will I just leave him., I just can’t do that. So, we have another great idea, and one of the fellas agrees, lets see if he will ‘happily’ get onto the back seat of a car…. (Not ours I might add… for some reason he is no fan of Miskas, and he HATED the Police Uniform of the particularly shitty officer.

So, we open the back door, fella goes round the other side, and in he leaps (the dog, not the fella) and Bob’s your Uncle, we now have a safe, happyish, secure hound. The Police return, and the fella takes said Hound off to spend a night in the cells until the rescue place can collect him. On saying goodbye and thanks, the hounds seems very happy until he sees Miska again…. not the friendly pup he was with me, but nasty …..

I guess he is a guard dog, and he gets protective… yet he was a nice as pie with me … still, job done, I went home sad, but content we had done all we could for the Dog and for the safety of the road …..

Now, 2009 has been a very eventful time for Miska and I, ending in our move to yet another country.. wonder what 2010 will throw at us, and in what ways we will cope with anything 2010 decides on doing

HNY Everyone, hope your dreams come true xx


  1. Oh, I hate it when that happens. You desperately want to do something, but … 😦

    I hope the poor dog gets reunited with his owners! You are a good Samaritan, Moon!

  2. You really are an “old softy” Moon. Good for you! And all the best for you and Mrs. Moon for the New Year. I hope it brings you both everything you could hope for.

  3. Well it’s do gooders like you who pop my occationally errant dog in their cars (of course she would go with anyone with a wag and a smile). Then they feed her, keep her overnight before sending her to the dog shelter where I have to bail her out for $69! I hope it had a happy ending and someone found him. It’s compulsory to microchip here so a quick scan and the owner is found. Happy New Year to you both. Let’s hope for a slightly more ‘settled’ 12 months. Much love. Hells

  4. Great story! I just want to put it out there that my company, Happy Tails Books, is looking for stories like this from people who rescue and adopt dogs. We compile stories into breed-specific books to raise awareness of, and funding for dog rescue organizations. I hope you and your readers will consider sending some stories over! It’s fun and for a good cause. The website is

  5. I’m with Baino. As the owner of two dogs, one of whom is houdini in a fur coat i pray for people like you to find him. Both of ours are chipped, thank goodness. We’ve found two doggies in recent years and hung onto them whilst looking for their owners. Not sure who cried more, the owners when we gave them back or me handing them over!
    Happy new year to you too.xx

  6. Hello
    This is really a nice story which you have given.Its very interesting for me to read it.I have enjoyed whole post.Yes German Sheppard dogs are huge.Thank you very much for sharing this with us.

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