Posted by: Moon | December 23, 2009

Celebration time …

So, today begins mine and Miska’s three days of celebration .. I won’t go into every detail, maybe after Christmas I will ..

But, today, we celebrate completion of 2 years of marriage. So happy, so content and looking forward every second to a wonderful future. We have achieved so much in our 3 years together, seen more things than most do in a life time, and now we move into 2010 with a new world to find, explore, create and enjoy.

Tomorrow I celebrate my first Slovak Christmas

and like most of you, on the 25th we celebrate my Christmas. This is my third Christmas away from home in a row, and will tough esp as DBM and Mr DBMhave made the trip to England… but I am excited to experience my first here.

Also, a special note to a friend I met pretty much 2 years ago, not knowing he would become a true great friend. I met Cortes in my sisters kitchen, with a beer in hand, and from that moment, with me being stuck in Canada twice for 3 months each time.. we became firm friends. We both share many of the same ‘joys’ in life.. a great sense of humour, a passion for Beer, Football and mostly golf. The miles haven’t dented any part of this friendship, and when I find peace and quiet to watch the football from the prem… I can guarantee that Cortes will be on the end of an email to mock me at Spurs latest disaster.

A good day... Furry Creek

So, one particular friend is having probably the worst time of his life right now, my thoughts go out to him, for those of you having a tough time, stick with it, it does and always does turn around. For those you having the time of your lives… enjoy every second of it.

Happy Christmas, and may 2010 make your dreams come true xx



  1. Merry Christmas to you and Mrs M. I hope you have a lovely time. I am going to my mum’s for the first time in 6 years, she is only down the road but we usually see them Boxing Day instead.

    • Thank you x Christmas is all about being with the people you love, sadly I can’t be in 2 places at once… but that’s life xxx have a blast Taffy x

  2. Yay Congrats! Ah poor Cortes, is he having a bad time? xx

    PS And don’t worry, I’ll get Bugs drunk and take incriminating photos…

    • Nooooo, Cortes is fine and dandy .. a different friend back in Northchurch …..

      Well, I think Cortes is fine… and gets DBM on the Babysham !

  3. Merry Christmas Moon and the missus! All our best wishes for you over the Holiday season and throughout the New Year. Thanks, by the way, for the selection of that particular photo of you and I, as it properly hides the evidence of my love of the beer! I share your sentiments, and do look forward to the early morning football (4:30 am here) when we can exchange thoughts and jibes!

    To English Mum, if you are listening, I am just fine, thank you for your concern. And if you can get DBM tipsy, you are much better than I. I have been trying for years now and nothing seems to work! Merry Christmas.

    • I was hoping people would be looking at the view, not our ugly mugs !!!!!!!

      DBM likes cider on a hot day or Babysham !

      Roll pon 4.30am on the 26th then …

  4. Hope it was a good one Moon. And happy Anniversary!

  5. Hope you had a lovely time – best wishes for many more happy anniversaries!!!!

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