Posted by: Moon | December 21, 2009

How to handle a difficult situation …..

Ok, I have a VERY broad sense of humour.. I think I can find fun and humour in pretty much any situation. Maybe a nervous humour, but in general, I think it’s ok to laugh at most things, starting with myself. but …………….

I am sure you all get them, emails that somebody copies and pastes to their whole contact list… and currently, I am getting bombarded from a friend of a friend shall we say ( I am not going to out them on here). I find these emails … well, quite simply Racist and Offensive (which to offend me is not an easy thing to do).

I think if I had to name one thing I detest above all else is Racism and any kind of discrimination. I can laugh at or hate somebody for what that individual is… but not class the whole of that race, sex etc because of that person. Traveling has sorted that out for me, I can meet a despicable Aussie, and then a delightful one… an awful Christian followed by the nicest Muslim the world has ever met….. you take individuals as they are … I am very adamant about that. I can’t stand people that judge others by a small section … for example.. “I hate Americans… they are fat and all shoot each other” … “All Muslims are terrorists” … you know the kind of thing … I also hate what I would call reverse discrimination .. the Gay Olympics for example .. (so gay people should be excluded from the regular Olympics should they …?)

So, I am getting a lot of emails from this person keeping on about keeping England English. I love my country, anyone who knows me knows that, I am never call British, I fill all my immigration docs in as English, the same way the Scots, French etc should do. I am a firm believer in “When in Rome” principle. I am also so very proud how tolerant and multi cultural England has become, and how we can embrace ALL religions and customs. Never to say the English should not be able to celebrate our own traditions first. If you don’t like the way England works, simple… get on a plane. When we were in America, there were many things I disagreed about, and in fact hated about the country and society. I never once said that American Society should not do what they do… If I hated it that much.. I could always go home. That’s the way it is….. and eventually, in a roundabout way… I did go home.

If we took all the positive celebrations that people have all over the world, all embraced them and celebrated them wholeheartedly.. what a wonderful thing .. these celebrations are good things, people smile, have fun.. so let celebrate them all.

So, back to my issue… when I get an email that says ‘This is not politically correct, but who cares” and then a racist joke follows, it offends me… when I get emails telling ‘them’ all to “go home” it offends me. When the emails say keep England 100% English… it offends me. When I get e-mails blaming the Muslim faith for so many issues and telling them to go home … it OFFENDS me !

So, how do I go about this.. do I email the friend of a friend, fearing some backlash against my friend, do I just simply take the two cowardly actions and either block that persons emails or just delete them ….



  1. Just email that those emails really aren’t to your taste and can they stop sending them. Don’t see there being any problem with that request…. X

    • I agree, but there is a nagging feeling that my ‘friend’ will feel some kind of backlashed.. hard to explain without ‘outing’ them ..

  2. Jesus. People still send that shit? Hmmm, it’s a difficult one. Depends how much you like the person I guess. If you don’t really care then I’d send an email asking to be removed from their mailing list. I just can’t believe people still do that! x

    • Yeah… I get a few from Americans too, who seemed to think the whole world wants to kill them all .. (only a few though) .. You know the people involved, and it just bugs the shit out of me..

  3. Tell them Moon. Not doing so only encourages them. Depending on how much you like the individual will dictate how you do it, but if it is a friend of a friend, then simply deal with it. I doubt your friend would be insulted, and who knows, perhaps he or she would actually agree with you.

  4. i think you should tell them. you can just simply say that you don’t find that sort of thing funny, it actually offends you. who cares if you offend them….as you said it’s racist muck, they’re not worth the bother anyway if they believe that cack. maybe tell your friend that you’re going to do it. don’t feel bad, go for it. as cortes says, we’re only passively letting this cack continue if we don’t say anything.
    how funny, i also put english on my forms! xx

  5. I think you should tell them straight Simon – otherwise you’re letting yourself down. If they take offence or your friend gets anybacklash then just proves what kind of lowlife you’re dealing with !

  6. If they read your blog they’ve got the message, if not email it to them.Happy holidays to you and your family Moon.

  7. Yep I’d respond politely that they’re not to your taste. Sometimes people just forward emails without even reading them. I used to get a load of emails about how ‘fabulous dahling’ women are and how ageing and menopause are hilarious and ‘send this to 10 beautiful women you know . . “bleagh. I just asked them to stop and they did but they still send funny shit so no hard feelings. Have a great Christmas Moon. Hope the snow falls and you’re snug and warm!

  8. Well, it’s an overwhelming response, and I think the advice has been firmly stated.. and I never thought of it as some of you have said … If I don’t say anything, I am adding to the problem … so, I will do as you all command !

  9. I’m all for keeping England English, but that doesn’t mean I have to ban people from coming here. If they want to experience England and fit in, they’re more than welcome! If they want to come and then complain about the way things are here and campaign to change things to their ideas, well as you say, you know where the airport is.

    I get some pretty bad-taste emails from someone in my family sometimes. Like you, I dislike PC, but it doesn’t mean I tolerate discrimination and racial hatred. If I get an email I find offensive, I simply don’t answer. If I get one which is genuinely funny without being offensive, I answer and comment on how good it is. Over the years, the balance has swung and I get very few of the offensive ones from this person. Still get a few, but a lot less. Should I speak out? Possibly, but I don’t want to cause a split in the family. I choose to ignore.

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