Posted by: Moon | December 16, 2009

You can tell alot about a person ….

Blogging is funny, like Buses… you don’t blog for ages, then they all come in bunches ….

My stuff has arrived from the UK, most things have be stored again, but finally I have some things that I adore. I am a book addict. They are not all classics, some are trash… but they are mine and Miska’s and they show alot about the characters we are. When Miska 1st came to my flat over 3 years ago, I mentioned you could tell alot about a person from their books .. she looked a little worried ….

In the main, our books fall into 4 categories (no, they are not indexed or in any order… I am not NERD … take note DBM)….

1 – Sport… mainly autobiographies.. I love the mentality that makes a sportsman/women the best at what they do…

2 – Religion. Not mine, but Miska’s.. she love to read about all religions, the good and the bad.. and make her mind up about each and every one.

3 – Travel. Our true love, and I have Lonely Planet and other guides to pretty much every place we have been … I love them and they hold wonderful memories for us.

and the worrying part …

4 – True Crime. inc Serial killers, the physiology behind them, what makes them what they are, and how profiliers catch them. Also, Life behind bars, how the prison system works and people cope with spending 60 years in hardened prisons. …. thats where Miska got a little worried !!!

My favourite book.. thats tough … but I will always say Lord of the Rings. My Fathers favourite, and I read it when I was trekking in Nepal, the perfect place to read all about Mordor… I also love the trilogy Emperor by Conn Iggulden… just a wonderful read. I love ‘The incident of the dog in the night’ by Mark Haddam and finally, a book everyone should read ‘The Holocaust” by Martin Gilbert… Horrific, but people should read it.

What on your bookcase… and your favourite reads ..  ??



  1. I no longer have bookcases. At one time I did, and had more than 1000 books of various size, shape and subject matter. But they got too much to handle, so I gave them to DBM and she organized them (I think, I haven’t actually seen what she kept and what she donated). My favorite reads are escape novels: crime, fantasy and the classics. When I was young, my favorite was Jules Verne. Then Isaac Azimov, and Stephen King (I have two of his newest by my bed now).

    My favorite, like you, is Lord Of The Rings. I have numerous editions, and generally read them once a year. Have the movies too. Never can get enough of a good thing.

    • Did you read the book before the films ??

      • Many, many times.

  2. I always have my nose in a book. When you open a book, you have a whole new world in front of you. Sometimes books open your mind, make you scared, keep you awake all night long, you can cry, laugh…

    My favorite one ? Impossible to decide, but when I want something easy to read, when I need to forget about bad canadian weather, problems at the office or in my life : Mma Ramotswe from Alexander McCall Smith. I love her so much! I always wait for the next aventure. It’s so refreshing! I would like to be her friend and drink a cup of red tea with her each morning before resolving the case of the day…

    • Hey Stranger xxxxx To pick one favourite is very tough … esp when so many different types fill my bookcase … my travel books are treasured, but I will always go back to Lord of the Rings ….

      I would always say to people read the book before you see any film version… let your mind decide how characters look …

  3. dagnammit, i had “the incident of the dog in the night2 in my hand in whsmith at the airport recently. i knew i should have chosen it. i love phillippa gregory… but i’ll read most anything. i’m in a book club and we all recommend stuff to eachother. it’s a great way to broaden the ‘ole horizons. i read 2 jodi picoults recently….yawn! i loved the time travellers wife and the book thief… i could go on for hours can you tell?
    i love the idea of reading about different religions.. x

    • Go get it, and his other one as well, I just loved the way he writes. I bought it as a last resort as I was walking to the pub at my sisters, and I had forgotten my normal book… I read it in a day…..

  4. Look, when you have a lot of books, you have to keep them organised. Otherwise, how are you going to find one? You really don’t want your Ian Rankins to end up in amongst the evolution books or the Winnie the Pooh to end up amongst the botany books, do you?

    • Man… I wish I took the chance when I could of …. do you need a card to get into your basement ???

      • I am not sure I would even let you into my house again – you have a habit of staying.

      • Only because I love spending time with my fav sister x

  5. I know exactly what you mean about being separated from your books and feeling happy when you’re reunited. We are the same! The bit about true crime is a tad worrying, but I have the same fascination with mental illness, so who am I to talk? LOL!

    What’s my favourite? I have two favourite series: Terry Pratchett’s Discworld novels, and Georgette Heyer’s Regency romances. I’ll read both of those over and over again. But then there are favourite single books, too, like The Time Traveller’s Wife. And I ask you, how can I pick favourites from around 5,000 books? I can’t even remember half of them till I see them again!

    Oh yeah – the Cadfael series by Ellis Peters. That’s another favourite.

    Glad to hear your stuff turned up. 🙂

    • Ha.. I think Serial Killing and Mental Illness are quite closely linked. I agree trying to chose a favourite is really tough, all depends on the mood and the place .. I love reading Bill Bryson books, esp on America, and Australia.. I can relate to those so well…

  6. I’m telling Rach you called Bugs your favourite sister LOL.

    It broke my heart to send most of my books to the charity shop when we moved, but we just didn’t have the space.

    Yup, I love the true crime ones. Love Kathy Reichs and Ian Rankin too, and obviously my cookery books are very precious to me.

    Favourite books would be: Rebecca by Du Maurier, Captain Corelli’s Mandolin, and Perfume: The Story of A Murderer. Epic stuff x

    • I’m safe, she never reads this and you don’t see the other sister often enough …
      I wanted to like Kathy Reichs, like Patricia Cornwell, but I have seen Bones too often on the TV … see.. always read books before film/tv get hold of them ..

      I have heard Capt Corelli’s Mandolin is very very good, on my list …

      I will always find room, we are planning a study/library in our new place .. better than a drawing room.. after all, I can’t sketch !

  7. I’m a shocker of a reader. Three pages and I’m fast asleep but I loved Ken Follet’s Pillars of the earth and have a stack on my side table that I am definitely going to tackle as soon as the holidays arrive. . . five more sleeps and 2 weeks off. Can’t wait!

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