Posted by: Moon | December 14, 2009

Sorry …..

Well, I haven’t updated the blog for a few days … again …

It’s not easy when you are an international jet setting like myself … !

Well, I took a short jaunt over to cold and wet Northchurch and spent a week in the bosom of my family.. well, 1 hrs with my brother, no sign of DBM, but Ma, Sister Rach were around to spend valuable time with me. Chilli Boy had decided to get a hernia so that ruled him out of lifting and drinking .. grrrr. Sister R was amazing. she is not a well person, but from Friday am until Sunday pm she marshalled me, bossed me, nagged me and generally organised the whole packing and moving to Slovakia thing. She was brilliant, and we got everything pack and ready for the moving truck by early Sun pm. Wonderful, I couldn’t of done it without her xx

I then had the fella turn up on Monday, packed all aboard and sent him on his way to Plave Vozokany. I managed to do all my Christmas shopping in 30  mins in Watford, had coffee with Auntie Janie in Aylesbury,  curry with the boys on Thursday, and a wonderful Curry with EM and the boys. So, a week was just about enough time to see as many as a could, have some time to relax before heading back to a week-end of Opera and relaxation back home.

Landing on Thursday pm, Miska collected me and we checked into our hotel in the middle of old town Bratislava. We got glam’d up, Miska looking stunning, and had a couple of beers before heading to the Opera. I am not Opera nut, but I do wonder at their voices, occasion and the ability to portray a wonderful story by music. Miska loved it, and after we strolled through the town centre, and looked at the Christmas lights .. a perfect night.

The next day we headed about 2 hrs north to finally use a wedding present given to us by our great friends here in Levice.We spent 2 nights being pampered and looked after by one of the best Spas in the World. Not that many people know how Slovakia have the best natural hot Spas in the world. We have one only 20 mins from home, and there are plans afoot to build one not 100 yrds from Ma and Pa home. We had massages, Saunas, hot tubs.. you name it, we had it.

So, it has been a great few days and to cap it all of, Miska started her new job today !!…..

All is good in Cold Slovakia x



  1. marvelous. what a lovely week. since i watched my sis in law open about 20 vouchers when she got married i’m not sure i’m a big fan of them! the poor thing didn’t get a chance to use them all before the ran out!

    • We were lucky, to of our great Slovak friends bought us the whole 3 day package… funnily enough I found a voucher I bought Miska a few years back… wasted as she never had time to go ..

  2. God I thought I was a ‘power shopper’ but all in 30 minutes! You’re a machine or a tight arse, not sure which. Shamefully I have never been to an opera. Love the idea of a spa weekend. I could use it right now! So glad you’re settled and happy and congratulations to Miska on her new position.

    • Well, when you think about it, I only have 2 people to buy for, Miska and Ma.. and my sister Ma sorted Ma’s out a while ago …… and once you see what I bought Miska, you will see my dearest sister is wrong !

  3. Trust me Baino, he is a tight arse.

    • Interesting that… I always though you and Tim were tight.. but having spent time will all 3 other siblings recently .. none of us are actually tight.. we are all too generous ….. esp now you are a zillionaire …. what did you get me ?

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