Posted by: Moon | December 2, 2009

Plave Vozokany… time to put this place on the map !

So… if you were to drive through Plave Vozokany you probably wouldn’t give the village a second glance.. you might cycle a little quicker because of the small yappity type dogs that insist on snapping at your heels, but in general it is no different from another Slovak village. We took the cameras out a few days back, and the results are on facebook, we found a beautiful lake and some swans… they make super subjects for photos …

We spent the day as a family laying a new driveway for Milan and Anka, surprises what language you can pick up from a days hard yakka. We needed to borrow the neighbours tractors, so we called round and had our usual introductions etc….. small surprises await… Slovaks seem to love to show you everything, so I was given the tour, saw the pigs, the chickens, the tractor and met the dog.. cocker spaniel called Betsey, I felt sorry for the  pig who is due for slaughter soon and wonderful surprise and a true gem. I have driven past, walked past this small ‘shed’ so many times. I have assumed it is for storing garden tools, work boots etc, and to my wonderful surprise it houses something quite special ….it’s an old wine cellar… dug into the hillside, underneath the vines that produce the wine !! How wonderful !

The barrels have been past down through the families and are over 100 years old, and the wine that comes from them every year is pretty bloody good. Slovaks are very proud, and rightly so, of these things, and I was ‘forced’ so sample the wine from the three full barrels at least 4 times. It taste good .. really good, and with the natural temperatures the cellar holds.. perfect.

So, fo a normal Sunday, I spent 4-5 hrs tidying the yard, sweeping leaves, laughing and joking with Milan and Miska. I am trusted with the Tractor, and had lots of fun driving up to the top fields to dump the leaves. To finish it off, to meet more warm, friendly Slovaks who have such a wonderful wine cellar just next door .. cool… really cool !


  1. that is beyond cool and what a lovely way to spen the day. gorgeous swans and how marvelous to taste the wine. i knew nothing about Slovakia before reading your blog… now i’ve decided that one day i will visit…. x

    • Thanks Towny … I guess I didn’t know huge amounts before becoming a resident ‘Slovak’ … apart from Bratislava. It can can be a little dull and Grey (I think that’s because of the time of year), but there are some wonderful hidden gems, and the Slovaks are really warm people … if you ever come, and you want a guide.. just holler x

  2. Ha there is no language barrier among winos! The photos look great, don’t know what you did but they’re clear as crystal on my screen!

  3. Well, I think my people would be amazed by my country. It has many problem, things which must be fixed but equally its a gem .. as Moon said. I wish more people would learn about about Slovakia more. All of you are welcome…. xxx

  4. Now, why doesn’t everyone have an underground wine cellar? I’m sure everyone would be better tempered if they did! LOL!

    Sounds like a great day, Moon! I’m glad you’re getting to grips with the language at last. Must be lonely till you do.

  5. Great shots Moon! Love the cellar, but could get a bit more excited if it had ale in that barrel, and really big spigot to get it out!

  6. Moon: I can’t believe they trust you with a tractor!
    Cortes: Remember your your diet!

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