Posted by: Moon | November 21, 2009

Mmm Miss Slovakia and Job Hunting, a strange day…..

Job hunting is not much fun as some of you know, and I have not been trying too hard due to my lack of Slovak. I have 2 good opportunities and they will hopefully develop into a role sometime in early 2010. So on Weds we embarked on a round trip of about 500kms for 2 job interviews for Miska.

We made a long day out of it, and took the chance for me to see a little more of my new country. The first job interview was speculative, and using a contact from a old friend of Miska’s. I mention this because the girl is quite a celebrity, and I am all for name dropping. Barbara Franekova is a girl Miska met in London a few years back when she came to England to help her with her English, Miska became firm friends with her then, and despite the miles, they remain that way. Now, if you go google Barbara, you will see that she is currently in South Africa, waiting for her chance to become the beautiful woman in the world. She is in the finals of Miss World 2009, as the current Miss Slovakia… and yes, she a bit tidy I can tell you. I am not a huge fan of this competition, but now I ‘know’ a contestant, and I see her family, I can see what an amazing experience it is for a 21 yr old, she has had a years modeling contract, and a chance to see some of the world. What she will do after the competition, who knows, but she will have a career in modeling if she wants it, now that can’t be bad …

So, we met up for lunch with her mother who runs a Magazine company, publishing 5 magazines and the idea was for Miska to help write a magazine for ideal homes, and a-z of eco, green homes. We will see how that develops. The drive was a long one, but it took us to a new part of the country I haven’t seen, and another chance to see the beauty of the north of Slovakia. currently all a bit grey, as the leaves have gone, but the snow has not yet arrived. The road was wonderful, the villages far nicer than the local ones near us, the three hours seemed to fly by.

I sat politely through Miska’s meeting, amazing how you can look interested for an hour or so, not understanding a word !.. then a more informal lunch. Very nice. The trip concluded with a tour of an eco friendly house, and then a coffee at her house, where they continued on in Slovak, and happily sat watching Bear Grylls on the biggest TV I have ever seen…. Miska.. we need one of those !!!

The drive home seemed a long one, and as we got closer to home, and Miska’s second interview, the fog descended, and we were running out of time for her to get changed and make the second, 8.30pm, interview. We just about made it, and I sat in the car reading and waiting to see if good news followed. She emerged after 1.5 hrs, with some goodish news… they would make her an offer. That is good, but of course, only if that offer is a reasonable one. Since then, they have asked her to return for a third time on Monday.. fingers crossed. We drove back in a real ‘pea-souper’ I could hardly see more than 10m in front of me. 3 animals escaped with their lives flashing in front of them, a cat, a wabbit and a large deer… all just escaping from the car bumper !!!

So job hunting is a nightmare, but sometimes it takes you to meet some good people, and see some great places …



  1. I really enjoyed you post Moon. That idea for the eco ideal homes would be the most exciting fun. Very demanding too, but what an amazing challenge. Hope the other job offers (yours and Mrs Moon’s) comes through too. It sounds like things are not ecaxtly smooth going for you, but still there are definite signs of progress and adventure. Glad to know you got home safely after all that fog. Hugs to you both! 🙂

    • CA – Life never goes smoothly for anyone .. thats half the fun, and makes you enjoy the good times and not just take them for granted .. Jobs will come about, easier for miska, but we will get there, thanks for the hugs x

  2. Good luck to you both, I’m still job hunting even though I’m employed and the thought of an evening interview is very attractive. I wish they would do that here, makes life so much easier!

    • I thought of you as I wrote this one … it’s horrible, and even when you do get a job, you really don’t know what you are walking into… They saw here again yesterday, and it was a 5pm interview.. makes sense, after all, if you slip out of work, call in a sickie to attended an interview, hardly shows commitment to the company you are working for does it ..

  3. you made me chuckle with your name dropping and of course i had to google her! fabulous looking lady.
    good luck with your job hunting.
    i always get lost in fog, every single time!xx

  4. It wasn’t easy coming home, but we got there !!! She is a stunner, but then if you compete in Miss World, you are not going to fugly are you ….. she is a lovely girl as well x

  5. Good to see the bright side of all of this, even if the countryside you’re seeing isn’t at its best!

    I wish Miska the best of luck with her job search, and you too! Although perhaps I should wish you all the best in your language learning! Have you seen the Rosetta Stone software? Looks great, especially for someone living in the country concerned. The reviews say that’s the best way to use Rosetta Stone. There’s also a free download site at Byki which looks promising – I’m trying to learn Italian, you know.

    • I’d love to use rosetta, but they don’t do Slovak … sadly ….

  6. I was looking around the net for feedback about Rosetta Stone, since it is very pricey, and someone suggested Byki. Well, in the last two days I’ve learned and remembered quite a lot of Italian with the free Byki download. And look! They do Slovak!

    You should check it out. It is so easy to learn with flashcards! And living among the people you should pick up the grammar and syntax much more easily than me!

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