Posted by: Moon | November 7, 2009

As the rain comes down ..

It’s a dark and wet day here in Plave Vozokany, Miska is having a sleep in, and rather to go and wake her, I am trying to find things to do. A few months ago, I would have been sitting out in the back yard, reading a book, or most likely watching the football from back home, swearing loudly as Spurs let yet another goal in… how times have changed, and I don’t think it could have been more radical in the changes. It has not just been moving back to England, but to move to Slovakia… and then, to be living in a small village in Slovakia. Of course there are things I miss from Newport Beach … this being one of them … 5


And it is great that I do miss such things as the 2 years in the USA have been so important for me and Miska, and we both have such mixed feelings of leaving it all behind. We miss so much of the place and the few friends we became close to. We miss our friend Jeff, and we are sad that as his trial approaches we cannot be there to support him. We write on a weekly basis, and keep in touch with his wonderful sister. We know what is going on, but that is nothing compared to actually seeing him and talking with him, so that makes us very sad.

We obviously miss the weather, and the wonderful geographical wonders California and the surrounds have to offer. We were very sad to have not seen Yosemite, but that will always be there for our return. I personally am very sad not to have put a ‘finish’ to our adventure. To leave in the circumstances that I did, not to say a final ‘goodbye’ to certain things and people… ah well, that can’t be helped. One final thing that I miss is the relationship I developed with my sister DBM. Sounds weird doesn’t it, however, to finally be on the same time zone as her, to be able to pick up the phone her whenever I wanted, and to be able to see her 3 times a year was great. We finally shared the same feelings about home, and living so far from home….. Now, we have to ‘book’ a time when we will both be about for skype.

I am sure you all heard the news today about the Major who gunned down 13 serving soldiers (I won’t go into all of that) but, it did remind me as to one of the reasons I am pleased I do not live there anymore. Again, this does go on in other countries, Dunblane, and Port Arthur and others… however, it does seem to happen in the USA on a yearly basis… that has to tell you something about the gun culture of the USA.

So, that brings me back to Plave Vozokany…. We walked around the village two night ago. It is not a pretty village like those in England, but I feel it does have a certain charm to it. In the surrounding fields, everyday we see some beautiful birds of prey (watch this space because we are going out with our cameras very soon), The old houses, the wonderful smell of the open fires coming from each house as you pass, and a feeling that gun crime and drugs would never come into these homes. I am not naive, I know Slovakia has it’s problems, drugs, gangs etc… but I am 100% convinced, it’s a million miles from LA, California and the USA.

On our walk, we called into see Granny. in her old, scruffy, but always warm kitchen. She was sat there, wearing her shawl, old apron with two other ladies from the village. They were sat with piles of Walnuts (all fresh from the garden) shelling them. Cracking the shells away, and talking at 1 million miles an hour. I sat there, not understanding a word, but I can guarantee they were talking about Coronation Street, or the girl down the road who has started seeing so and so from another village, or the very strange English Guy who was sitting and looking into space as they discuss the world economy … I’ll never know… but what I do know is this, California is a million miles from here, and I am pleased about that. I wanted a new experience.. and here I am…

It looks as if the rain will stay for the whole week-end, I will be able to watch my football, talk to my sister and then get to grips with Past and Present Tense … and that is not ****ing easy I can tell you..


Laters ….


  1. Very pleased to see you settling in my friend.

  2. I love that pic of the sunset! You’ll pick up the language in the end I’m sure, then you’ll know exactly what the girl might have been up to with so and so lol I take it the cockeral isn’t so annoying now?

    • ha … fucking thing … I went to get wood for the fire… one flew out of the wood shed, scared the shite of me,a dn then he made such a fuss …. now, where did I put the axe …

  3. I am now going to have to admit that I miss you too – it was so nice to have a family member so much closer and one that I could talk to in the evenings after work. Still, there is always Skype – it was great to talk to you yesterday. Love you!

    • Love you too x

  4. Excellent. They say a change is as good as a holiday and I think you’ve done the quantum leap when it comes to cultural shifts! Looking forward to the photos.

  5. we certainly are a scattered bunch aren’t we! your village sounds sooo interesting. i’m glad you’re settling in. you’ll get to grips with the language eventually, i’m sure of it…and the cockerel lol.x

    • Not sure the cockerel will last that long !

  6. It is good to know that Slovakia has a visiting culture: Meaning you don’t need to call on your neighbors to drop by and shoot the breeze so to speak. I am sure the old ladies were more than glad to have you listening to their conversation in oblivion.

    • It’s quite remarkable how they always seem to expect you, and always have some food available …. Granny and co seem to like the company, would love to know what they were saying !

  7. So you’re settling in then, Moon? That’s good to hear! So how’s the Slovakian coming? I hear the Rosetta Stone method is good! 😉

    • I believe Rosetta Stone are excellent, but they don’t do Slovak … Welsh.. yes.. but not Slovak. It’s coming on pretty well, Miska is a good teacher, and we are back at the books tomorrow… also, after a few beers I am fluent !

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