Posted by: Moon | November 3, 2009

I’m cooking …..

After being treated to some of the best cooking ever with Anka supplying meals left right and center, I thought I should at least cook the one meal I can cook.. Chilli !!

As some of you might know, my inspiration to start blogging comes from the very top in terms of the Blogshere, English Mum, . I am sure this will make her spin in her pink Wellies, as 50% of her blog is all about scRRRRRRummy recipes and foody stuff and my attempt at a simple chilli will make her smile, but tough bollocks, I’m gonna give it a go !!

Also, it is worth noting that the best cook in the world, just ahead of Gordon Ramsay, is my gorgeous wife, Miska. She is not a huge fan of my chilli for two reasons. She is not a fan of my meat … oh er … She feels that I make my chilli too meaty, and it sits too heavy on her. Also, She gets a little fed up with the fact I can only make chilli for an army Squadron… and we end up eating the damn stuff for about 4 days on the trot !!!! I love the stuff, and I can eat it for days.. but she, understandably gets the hump !!!

So… this is what I do, laugh, mock and shame me into your better ideas … I know chilli is not rocket science or the hardest dish in the world, however, it’s bloody lovely !


Onions, chilli and Garlic ….. Chop them all, and add to light oil, and brown it all off…… I don’t make the onions too soft, but enough for them to be brown’d off and they soak up the Chilli and Garlic. Note the onions from the garden !!! I haven’t added huge amounts of Chilli, two reasons, I like to be able to taste my food, not have my ginger nuts blown off, and I am making this for Milan and Anka as well.

I then add the Meat, Beef. Again, browned off with the onions etc, and the chilli soaks into the meat…. I will sometimes add some Worcestershire sauce here, but not today.2

Once the meat is browned, I just very simply chuck the rest of the stuff in. Tomatoes, Peppers… 3after these have been added I wash out the tins from the tomatoes (no, I don’t use them fresh !) and add some stock. I simply use some oxo gravy. I like my Chilli to taste of meat, so I happily add this to the mix. Let it all soak and cook for a long time, as long as I can be arsed to keep stirring it all. I would sometimes add some cheap red wine to the mix as well, and I always have a beer on the go as I cook !!!


Finally, I add in Kindney beans and lots of mushrooms… I always add these last as they can become a little mushy if they go in to early. Ready to serve, however, I still think it tastes best on the 2nd and third day !!!! Miska does not !!!


  1. Looking good, Moon. Still not with you on the mushrooms though…

    • How can you not be liking the mushrooooms ??? weirdo !

  2. Lovely! Chili is one of my favorites for winter. Always better on day two or three though! How did the family react – did they compare to Miska’s goulash? I do remember that goulash – it was superb!

    • Cortes .. you can’t compare my Chilli with that .. it’s like comparing Preston North End with Utd ….. Milan seemed to like it, after all he wolfed down a huge plateful …. I love it, not sure if it will last till day 3-4 !!!!

  3. Good simple cooking if you ask me and i reckon the key to the success of this, is the beer whilst you cook.

    • Def, however, I did cook this morning before my lessons, so I had to forego the beer …. not the same is it !!!!

  4. EM: Were you not just a little bothered by the fact that my brother said that your recipes were scummy?

    Moon: That is why proofreading is a good thing – unless you really do think EMs recipes are scummy.

    • I have rectified the mistake, and yes, I am a dickhead

      • That’s better!

  5. Well, I wasn’t going to say anything, but now you mention it…

    Bloody cheek.

    • You didn’t even notice !!.. and I bloody do proofread… I just pass things by .. I can’t see all the mistakes clearly … weird !

  6. Love your writing style … made me chuckle. I’ll be back for more!

  7. Thanks Richard, but my writing is shocking, full of mistakes, and I type as i think ….. terrible, as my other readers are so fondly pointing out to me … Welcome all the same, shame my photos won’t be as good as yours !!!!

  8. Where do you buy scummy kindney beans? They sound like fun! Looks delish and I agree, anything chili or curry or stewey tastes much better the next day!

    • Ok ok … I get it .. my typing is shocking and my proofreading even worse 🙂 …

  9. Well, I’m not allowed to eat spices anymore, but I did used to like chilli – not TOO hot, but spicy enough to be interesting. To my mind, rice is the only thing to serve with it, it just goes so well!

    You’re right though. Meals like this do tend to be better reheated. In fact, doesn’t Mexican cuisine have a special dish called ‘Refried Beans’ which takes advantage of the overnight rest to mingle the flavours?

  10. Oooh I love a chilli but OH can’t stand them so I have to wait until he is not around to cook one. I also freeze whatever is left for a night when I can’t be bothered to cook for just myself.

    I too think that chilli always tastes better the next day, possibly because you haven’t had to do all the work preparing it!

    • Cooking for yourself is a nightmare.. I can never just cook for 1 or even 2… always ends up enough for 100’s. Like you, i would cook a ‘batch’ and then freeze, perfect for an easy nights dinner !

  11. it looks and sounds(reads?) lovely. i love chilli. i’m with taffys mum, freeze what’s left over. i make too much deliberately and freeze it, great for when you’re feeling lazy.
    and now i want chilli for tea darn it!!x

  12. scummy, lol. not just me that has typos then!!

    • Sorry, None left here. Auntie came over, and all three, milan, Anka and Auntie finished the whole lot of, so I guess it must have been ok ….. yes, I am shocking at typing, and even worse at proof reading !!!!!

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