Posted by: Moon | October 22, 2009

Introductions …

Ok, As you all know, I no longer live in Sunny California, but have taken the plunge to move here to Slovakia. Most blogs hide behind anonyminity, I respect that, and of course, I would never reveal who my commenters are.. that is their choice. However, with links to Facebook here, It’s fairly obvious who I am, and having spoken to the former Mrs M, I have decided that no longer will the people in my blog be anonymous (again, others who appear in my blog from the blogsphere will ALWAYS remain anonymous , EM, DBM etc …)

Me… well, everyone pretty much knows me as Moon, so that won’t change. I was called it from 2 yrs old

Slovakian life currently is full of surprises, small things, like Slovaks don’t share a double or kingsize duvet, two individual ones ….. I can’t get Coke in a 330ml can !.. At the house we have ****ing Chickens and a bloody noisy Cockerel (who may well up in the soup very soon). Milan has a large garden, with wonderful Paprika, paridika, all sorts of fruits, wonderful Walnuts some of the most amazing pickles you could ever ask for… far better than Tom Goode ever had it ! Soon we will be getting pigs to fatten up for bacon etc (no, I will not be part of that, but thats the life, and I will certainly be eating the bacon)One thing you will never be short of is food, drink and love in Slovakia, puts us English to shame !

Milan (even though he never drinks) makes ‘interesting Wine (Vino) from the Sadovski’s own Vineyard, and Domanca that tastes of Deisel ! .. The Pivo is cold, and the kavu is strong … life is good !!!!

The mountains are a 2 hr drive, so snowboarding is back on for this winter, Hungary and Austria are a matter of a short 1 – 2 hr drive and Croatia beckons

So, here is the B E A Utiful Michaela… Mrs M, Miska or ‘Er indoors’ .. she hardly ever reads the blog, which is good….The most amazing wife a man could ask for !!


And here are the rest of the family …..

Evka and Julius…



Their two boys, Filip and Victor… superstars in my eyes !



Pa Slovak, or Milan …


And you have all met ‘The Vet’ before.. or Domi, and her fella Pavol …. 32

Finally, I will never be far without a hound.. he is the Barking Mad, Debo of a dog … Benny !04

So, there are the people that have opened their hearts to me, welcomed me into this strange country, and given me the start of the hardest, but most wonderful adventure ever.

There will be tears, excitement, laughs, Domanca and many more laughs … I haven’t forgotten Canada, that will be my next few posts, but this is now my new life… hang on for the ride of my life !!



  1. That’s a truly wonderful post, you can see the welcoming love in the faces you’ve shared.

    It’s so interesting to learn all about a new culture through you, Moon. And wow, I never knew they’d have two doonas on the bed. Wouldn’t they slip off, during the night?

  2. well no CA, because you have your own you see … not great though, I don’t get a cuddles now !!.. I am sure there will be so many more surprises on the way !

  3. You might need to change your blog header now Moon! Hope all is well and give Miska a big hug from me!

    • I KNOW … and I have tried, but I am buggered if I can find out how to do it … I am stumped !!.. all is ok, Miska moaning at me all the time, so no change there !!.. going to be snowboarding soon !

    • Miska sorted it !!!

  4. Sounds to me like you are starting to settle in. Good for you. The family sounds fantastic, the food I am sure is bountiful and filling, the location sounds like it has possibilities given your love of day trips. What else could you ask for? Wish you all the best my friend.

  5. Cortes : I would be happier working, and being able to speak the language, but everyone is patient with me, and we have some laughs trying, I just want them to know how grateful I am, and share normal conversations. The list of new places is now endless, and we will be investigating them all very soon ! … and to locate some gold courses !!!

  6. Thank shit for that. When I read the first paragraph I thought I was about to be outed!!!!

    Awww…lovely Mrs M. I miss you guys xxxx

    • no no no … i did say I respected that view, esp with the children involved !

  7. Its good to know you are settling in – there is no better way to learn a language… go for it… it will be fun!

  8. Great pics and that kid with the scab on his nose! Gorgeous and full of cheek! As for the dog . . huge cuteness awwwwwwww! Glad you’re settling in and you do have a beautiful wife. There’s not doubt about it.

    • You are spot on with all your comments, he is a wonderful lad !!… Benny is a sweatheart, until he barks at 6am !!!! and as for my wife, well, I am biased xx

  9. i love your photos. you made me really laugh about the things you can’t get etc. . . how’s that with the two single duvets…quite like the idea actually!!x

    • Oh no Towny….. You can’t get good cuddles in the morning, deciding who is going to get the cold ‘gap’ between the duvets …

  10. good lord i hadn’t thought of that. you’re right. we argue enough over the “too flat” pillow as it is. lol.x

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