Posted by: Moon | October 14, 2009

Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow ….

We have taken a couple of days off …. Off what you may ask, after all, we are both unemployed ! Well, we have left Ma and Pa Slovak behind and headed into the Tatra Mountains in the North of Slovakia. This is where Mrs M was born, and she has some close family friends who own a mountain cottage that is open for family. So here we are. I have been this way before, on one of my visits to Slovakia. The weather then was shocking, thick mist and fog, and steady rain. We made the best of our time, visited some wonderful caves, and some equally wonderful cake shops (Slovaks do cakes very, VERY well). We saw nothing of the famed, beautiful mountains… not too worry, they will be here next time. So, last week the weather at home was about 25 Deg C, I was in my Californian shorts and flip flops (Being moaned at my Ma Slovak “you catch your death in just those” (My translation)). So we decided to go and ‘see’ the mountains and spend some time alone up there. Cool by me….

However, the weather turned very wet and cold over the week-end, so we swapped the tyres to Snow Tyres (see DBM, we did it immediately !) and headed off. The wind blew and blew, and as we arrived, snow started to fall. Not that we were too bothered, we had some beer, some nice wine, and a cosy cottage to snuggle down in. In the morning, and after a decent night sleep (finally… another long story !) we woke to find heavy snow outside. About 4 inches, certainly enough to stop London in its tracks for a few days. We wrapped up warm and headed out, but it soon became clear that seeing the mountains was not a great idea. The snow was falling heavier, and the viewing distance was only about 50ft, Not great for trying to see the wonderful mountains !! So, yet again I was scupperd in my attempts to see one of the things Slovakia is famous for….. We stopped off in a local town, found my favourite cake shop and indulged in cakes and coffee… perfect.

Blog 1

Once home, we got changed and set off for another thing Slovakia is very famous for… Hot, natural Spa’s !! As you can imagine, the temp had fallen to just below freezing, so in my shorts (not the budgie smugglers the Germans seem to love) and walked as calmly as a man should and dipped into the beautiful hot Spas. There is something very refreshing of 40 Deg C water with snow falling on your face. I loved it, and after 2 hrs of this we decided to head back, open a bottle of wine, cook a nice roast dinner (well, Mrs M cooked, I open the wine and wrote this !!) and got myself mentally prepared for what will be a very important night.

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You all know my love of sports, and it hasn’t taken me anytime to realize the importance of the game tonight. Poland v Slovakia. If Slovakia win this one, they will be on their way to the 2010 World Cup in South Africa. Big deal to an Englishman, fair point… however, again, one of my mottos in life, and certainly in my travels is “When in Rome, Do as the Romans”.. this means that when I am in a certain country, I behave and become one of them, this applies 200% for Slovakia. So, I am desperate for a Slovak win tonight. Also, with Slovakia playing in the World Cup, it means that they will show all the games here, including England …. So, it works out best for all if they win tonight.

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So, for now, Mrs M is reading her book, soaking in the bath, I am tapping away, getting up to date with others on Facebook, Hotmail, Skype and Blogs and cracking open a bottle of finest Slovak beer (Kelt), Luchann is fast asleep, and a happy bliss has settled over this Slovak household.



  1. Well I guess if you’re there for a couple of years, there will be time enough to see the mountains in all their glory. Living in a country has to be the best way to pick up the language, I’m sure you will and it’s great that you’re reunited after such a horrible departure from the US. Good luck Slovakia!

  2. Our plans are for more than a couple of years, but you are right, we will be back here often..and yes, being back together is all we could ask for, moving forward together x

  3. Ooh that spa sounds fab. Did a similar thing once in Yugoslavia – hot pool outdoors, it’s lovely isn’t it. No photos though Moon? Shame on you!

    Glad you’re finding your feet. Can’t wait to see a bit more of your house, village etc xx

    • Yup… found Twitter .. not sure i am gonna like it !! .. Slovak pictures coming, but not of me, or the hairy arsed Ukraine ladies there !!!!.. but first I need to catch up from Canada !!!!

  4. The spa sounds wonderful, not sure about the snow though.

  5. Oh yeh Moon, and I see you’re on Twitter. Dragged you kicking and screaming into the technological age at last mate x

  6. I hated it at first. I’m addicted now!

  7. I got to you from Baino’s blog and your comments on solar energy, which I am trying to learn more about.

    I’m still reading your blog entries trying to figure how you got from UK to California and then your wife’s home country, but will get that sorted for myself.

    Best of luck in your new home. It sounds as though the in-laws are wonderful.

    • Welcome e, glad you found your way over here… All a long story, but a sense of adventure, my wife being a Slovak, and the chance for her to work on her Solar Engineering skills took us to California. That adventure finished so we decided to move to her country to try life over here. They are wonderful people, I just need to be able to talk to them !!

  8. Glad to hear you have your snow tyres – I bought mine back in September. Always prepared, me. Still, I suppose I shall have to actually get them put on the car at some point. I don’t suppose they are going to do much good in the garage!
    Twitter – waste of space – like I want to hear from you any more often than I already do! ;o)

    • Pa Slovak made us put them on before we left, good job after 12 inches of snow fell the first night we were up here !!.. think I might agree with you about Twitter, we will see.

  9. Loved your post and pictures Moon.

    A little while ago on our tv we had a British show called “A place in Slovakia”. It was a great show. So, I can picture the mountains and towns you mentioned. I know it must be so tiring to be living in a different culture. Language barriers are daunting, but it is a wonderful opportunity.

    I can’t wait to see what your new home will look like (once you’ve built it, of course) and to see the village too. I’m soooo completely jealous of your spa experience and the snow too – especially as I am currently huddled under the cool air conditioning vent. Big big hugs to you both, and looking forward to reading about all your adventures.

    • Sitting in hot spa pools with snow falling on you face is a new experience, just wonderful. Parts of Slovakia, esp the south where we are living is dull to be honest, very flat and agricultural, but the villages are quite fascinating. Local shops and pubs you wouldn’t even know where there unless you were a local… !

  10. Thanks CA, good to see you back over here… It is daunting, and at times I feel a bit lost, but we both know this will take time for us to settle. The house will take even longer, probably a year or so.. after all we have to find jobs first !

    The Spa is great, and very cheap, we are going back there this morning before we head back south to a wet home, and some village festivals… More photos to come.. from here, Canada and England, I have loads waiting to be posted !

  11. Congrats on the new chapter of your life. Looking forward to reading more about Slovakia and your experiences.

    Not being very good with languages (I failed miserably!) I think you are very brave to move there but with the lovely Mrs M by your side and teaching you, I am sure you will be speaking the lingo in no time!!

    • It’s a real worry to be honest, they speak so bloody fast !!!! but, with lessons and just being around people, and a very loving Mrs M teaching me, either divorce or success will follow !

  12. I am so pleased you are back together and sounding so much more positive.

    Glad too that Rutland featured along the way – 20 miles away from me and a beautiful place!!!

    Its all about enjoying life – where you can, and I think you have gotten back on track….. have fun!

    • My brother lives near Cottesmore, and it was beautiful. The Cotswolds is famed for it, this part of the world is a hidden treasure ! We have a long way to go to be settled, but with each other, who cares xx

  13. My God Moon you make being unemployed sound so damned attractive!

    • Until the money runs out… they good thing is, with friends places things work out pretty cheap !

  14. Mmm, looking at your photos again Moon, that cake looks heavenly. Sooo delicious looking.

  15. I am so pleasanly surprised to find an Englishman living in Slovakia and enjoying it. I am 37 years old Slovak living in Ireland and clicked on your blog via english mum.
    Yes, there was snow in Slovakia last week, 4 inches is nothing, wait until the real stuff comes 😉
    Good luck in your new life!

    • Hi Suzanna, Welcome… I think there are a few English living here, but most likely in Bratislava, I am in a small village near Nitra, Levice…. The snow in the Tatras was wonderful, looking forward to some more !!

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