Posted by: Moon | October 12, 2009

Ahoy ….

So, here I am …. Starting a new, scary life in a new country. I am sure you all know, Mrs M is a proud Slovak, and after we departed the USA in less than ideal circumstances, it has propelled us into the next chapter of our lives. We have moved lock, stock and barrel to Slovakia. All very scary, and so far, I have been overwhelmed by the change and the friendliness of my new family and friends. We have bought a plot of land, and we intend, once we have found work, to build our own home and live the life of Slovaks.

So far, it has all gone ok. Ma and Pa Slovak have been wonderful. They are so happy to have their Daughter back home, and as far as I can understand, they seem to be pretty happy to have me here as well. We will be staying with them until we get sorted and have built our home. This means a stay of at least 18 months !, so we will see how the relationship lasts….. They cannot seem to do enough for us, and the one thing Slovaks do very well is hospitality. I cannot sit down for more than 1 minute without being offered food glorious food. The first piece of Slovak anyone should learn is “No Thank You”, otherwise you will be a fat as the house we want to build.

We have a separate part of the house to live in, so very important as we obviously need our own space, and this gives me the chance to have time when I don’t have to try to understand, and Mrs M can relax from her translating duties. Ma and Pa Slovak do not speak and English and my Slovak is very limited. I am lucky that we have Him and Her from ‘Upstairs’ (friends of Mrs M I got to know very well when she lived in Highgate, London). They both speak good English and it means we have friends that we can go and share a beer with, and not struggle with the language. Well, me, Mrs M and Him can have a beer, Her is 6 months pregnant, so she is the driver !!! Also, if you remember from my USA Blogs, we have The Vet here, and with her boyfriend, Dave, I have two more friends that I can talk with, and relax with.

It’s going to be a very tough time, and I know that you cannot make any decision about a new life until you have given it a fair go. I think this will be at least 2 years. To start with, the pressure of not knowing the language will be a real struggle for us. Mrs M will get very tired translating all the time, and also having to do all the organizing. I will be enrolling into Scholl as soon as I can, and living here means it should be easier to pick up the lingo … I hope.

Small things will hit us as well. I can’t buy diet Coke in cans here…. Small thing I know, but…. The food is wonderful, but again, it’s the little things, no cornflakes !bottled water only comes in large bottles, so it goes flat too quickly for me.

Levice, the closest city is not an attractive place at all, very 1970 Communist city, tower blocks from the 70’s, very grey.. not really the picturesque city I want to live in… however, the village where we have our plot of land is a lovely old village, traditional Slovak village, and with Budapest, Bratislava, Vienna, Prague and the High Tetras Mountains all within 1-3 hrs drive, I think my desire to travel will be satisfied for a while yet. We also have some further afield ideas for travel, including Croatia, Ukraine, Russia and Italy. Apart from Rome, I have seen too much of this side of Europe, and now we are used to long drives, the world is indeed our oyster.

I have lots to catch up on with my blog, stories from Canada, a week being a tourist in my own country, and of course, all the new things that are Slovak.. I have some magnificent pictures from Canada to post, and in time, I will go back and complete all of that. For now, until we get the internet sorted here, I am very limited, and being a blog and Facebook Whore, I am missing the everyday ‘contact’ the internet gives me.

Tonight is an important night for Slovakia. They are playing a world cup qualifier, and if all goes to plan, they can qualify for the World Cup in 2010 in South Africa. This is very important for me as well, it means I will have two teams to support there, and it should mean the World Cup is given maximum coverage here in my new adopted country !



  1. Wow! Glad to hear you’re finally in Slovakia and that’s it’s okay. Now you know what it’s like to live miles from a bloody shop.

    Enrolling into scholl eh? Is that like sandal classes?


    • Never said my typing or proof reading would improve !!!! We do have a small shop, but as I can’t speak anything apart from “please can I have a kiss” or “please can I have a beer”… I might be in trouble !!!

  2. I want to know if you have to wear a uniform for scholl? And bottled water is bad for the environment, so get a filter!
    PS Good Luck! And let me know when you get a phone number – I have no idea how much it costs to phone Slovakia, but I might give it a go. Of course, getting back online so I can skype you would be better.

    • We will have internet tomorrow at home, so I will be on skype from now on… I’ll email you our address and phone numbers etc x

  3. Very happy to hear you’ve finally arrived. The roles with Mrs. M are switched! Being immersed in the language will most certainly help your learning, and I’m sure the in-laws will take good care of you. Looking forward to more posts.

    • They certainly are taking care of me … I can’t move for food and kindness !!!!

  4. Hey you two….pleased all is well in your your life. Good luck with the lingo….looks mighty hard to me! Love…

    • I think it will be tough, it seems like it is an new trick, and I am an old dog !!!… also, objects have male and female gender, like French and German … how can a cup of tea have a sex ????

  5. Glad you are starting to settle in. Internet access will help you ease into the new life I think. Let’s you watch football too! Love to see some local photos of your new home and environment. Best of luck!

    • The photos will come.. still posting some from England… It’s an interesting time Cortes ….. Slovakia have a crunch world cup qualifier tomorrow !!!

  6. Best of luck to you. It sounds like a massive move. I hope you learn the lingo soon and feel like one of the natives.

  7. Ahoj! Vitajte in Slovakia! Nice to have you here!

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