Posted by: Moon | October 1, 2009

I’m still here …..

Bugger …. I had made a decision to be posting again as per normal, but life has got in the way again …..

With Mrs M finally back with me, we have been catching up (ahem…) and spending time as a tourist in my own country. It’s a marvellous thing, and nothing to be embarressed about…

We have spent the last few days with a short break in The Cotswolds, seeing Stow, Bourton, The Slaughters and numerous English Country villages, and the last 2 days seeing old friends, and walking (very important to walk) around my city, around London. It has been marvelous, and the short trip around England continues with a two trip to see my Brother in Leicestershire. Miska has never been to his old farmhouse, and to see him, his wife and the 4 dogs, 3 horses will be a good trip. We will drive slowly via The Battle of Bosworth to a beautiful Hamlet I know, and have traditional Cream Tea for lunch !!… Onto Timbers for a day of seeing the horses, the manor house who’s grounds he lives on, and I am sure to finish off with a cigar and a glass of port with them both.

We then come home, and start to pack for our flight early on Tuesday morning to our new adventure in Slovakia. (More of that to come)

So, I have  a huge amount of blogging to catch up on. I now have my laptop back, and with that comes access to our photos. I will hop abaout a bit with mu blogs, but I need to tell you all about our trip to Canada and our experinces of a breath taking 2 wekk trip to Vancouver Island, Brittish Columbia and Alaska …. so, don’t give up on me readers….. I’m still here !


  1. I’m glad you two are together again. Sounds as if you’re busy though, for the moment! Have fun!

    • Thanks Jay, all good now, we have two days to re-pack again …..

  2. So glad you’re together again. Bless her for doing all that packing and sending and leaving and farewelling. A most unfair departure for you but hey, all’s right with the world. Enjoy your holiday and looking forward to the posts. Then you’re a total Facebook whore so I can keep track of you! Oooh, manor houses, horses . . .is he single?

    • Sadly no, married for 18 years now … we had a blast, some wonderful Horse and doggie photos coming !

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