Posted by: Moon | September 17, 2009

Home is a fuuny thing …

Where do you call home ? ..

Where you live now ?

The country you were born in ?

I know where I will always call home, and I am sat here right now……. It’s funny… as my readers know, I have been travelling a fair amount, and of course my two year stay in the USA, and no matter who asks, I’ll always reply, Northchurch, Herts, England is my Home. This house, where I am sat now is where I was born 3hirfiurughis years ago. I have found my way back here a few times, After my year in Australia, after my divorce, before going to America, and once again, here I am. I am very lucky I think I have 4 places I can turn up on the doorstep, and I have a home with my three siblings and here. I am hopeful I have a few others, friends, other family, but for sure I have 4…. oh, plus one now in Slovakia with my in-laws.

We are moving to Slovakia in the middle of October to start a new life. To start with, we will live with Ma and Pa Slovak. Won’t be easy, esp as we can’t talk to each other much, but I know they will make it my home, and welcome us back.

So what makes this my home, well, 38 years for starters, but a home is different from a house. We grew up here as a large family, in a small house. I have been told that when Ma and Pa came to view the house Dad’s words were :

Pa : “ok, if you want the house, we will buy it

Ma : “that’s great…”

Pa : “but, we can’t have anymore children though, 3 is all we can have”

Ma : ” Ah… I have something to tell you …..”

So, with 4 of us, with 5.5 years between us, we came to Treetops. The house has changed hugely, and every change, be it with Pa’s DIY (shocking at times) to extentions, has changed with our memories of the place. Smashed windows from footballs, or stones thrown, and missing their targets (me .. thanks sister R !!).. the changes of the lawns, the front and back… really, everything has been changed, but the memories of the whole house are carried with us.

So, that is what makes it a home, and the feel and spirit of Pa everywhere… makes it very special. The glue that holds all this together … well, the unsung hero of the family, My Ma.

She is nearly 70 now, and how many 38 year olds saunter back in, and spend time not only with their Ma, but with their friend. We annoy each other (she bugs the shit out of me at times !!), but we laugh a lot, we help each other about the place, and we share each others day over a glass of wine, and an evening meal. thats a special quality. She welcomes me back everytime with out question or judgement. She isn’t very sympathetic, which is strange for a nurse, but she is full of love and concern for all of us.

I am not a parent, maybe one day, but I guess thats the maternal instinct… you never ever stop being a parent.. and you will always provide shelter, food and love when your children need it. she welcomes my wife here as her own child, for that, I am very lucky. I guess you should love your children… but you do not even have to like your childrens partners … but Mum does. All 4 of her in-laws are very popular and loved…..

We are lucky Children !!!



  1. Yes.. you are very lucky. As I am to have two homes now. But one thing is for sure… no matter where I am I feel that my home is where ever you are… xx

  2. Wow … so, I’m guessing the visa didn’t come through then? Could it still come through? How horrible for you both to have to deal with all of this. 😦

    I’m glad to hear you’re getting to spend a while at home, and that you have a family close enough that you still think of it that way.

    Starting a new life in Slovakia will be challenging, but interesting, and for a well-travelled chap like you, very doable! Especially with the lovely Mrs M by your side to translate and teach you the lingo.

    I wish you the best of luck!

  3. Jay : thanks Jay, thats a nice thing to say …. no, the Visa came too late, and I lost my job, so we cut our losses, decided not to waste more money on flights backwards and forwards, and decided to locate home … So, I am now waiting for Mrs M to return a week today, and we can then prepare for the next step … exciting times …

  4. I think a renaming ceremony is in order, you can be English Moon in Slovakia!

    Seriously, can’t wait to hear about your new exciting life. And stop talking about home, you’ll make me cry… again! x

  5. Its good that at least you know what you’re doing now and I have to tell you that home is where the love is – so anywhere you and Mrs M are together will be home!

    Roots are something else!

    Good luck to you both!

  6. Such a sweet, sweet post. Through English Mum you feel like part of my family too. Sending extra love, from Oz.

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