Posted by: Moon | September 14, 2009

It’s been a while …

So …. Where have I been eh ??? To be honest, I have not been in the mood to sit and blog. Blogs for me are for people to smile about, hear new things about the way people live, and to make you think.. “Hmmm, I’d like to do/think/wear/go/eat/never thought of that …. Not to be a sounding board for ones and troubles.

Life has been tough for a few weeks now, well, about 6 to be honest. I lost my job whilst I was stranded in Canada, and rather to stay a wait in Canada for my Visa, Mrs M and I decided to end our USA adventure, and make plans to return to England, and then finally to go to Slovakia. This was not a decision either of us wanted to make, and not easy to have Mrs M in Newport beach, and me leaving from Canada with only my honeymoon clothes, and of course my golf clubs. I stayed on for a while in Vancouver, hoping my Visa would come through I time, but it didn’t, so after a final round of golf with my great friend Cortes, I followed DBM to Northchurch.

I feel very low about a few things, the obvious of seeing Mrs M go back to our home, and me to leave her to pack all out things, memories, sell cars, sort bank accounts… the list of things to do when you leave a country for good is endless, and Mrs M has had to cope with that on her own. We obviously simply miss each other. I feel a huge empty space of not saying goodbye to friends. Leaving Jeff behind as he is now approaching a huge part of life with his trial, and his wonderful sister Penny. To not say goodbye to two other good friends, T and Cyndy… makes me very sad. To not say goodbye to our home we have put so much time into, spent the first 2 years of married bliss in. To not walk around our beloved Balboa Island, and walk the beach in the sunset for one last time …. There has been no closure, and final part. That’s a huge shame, and has put a small dent it what was a wonderful part of our lives, and was a hugely positive time, with amazing experiences, the best part being married to Mrs M and living the dream.

We haven’t had chance to sit and enjoy what was the most amazing honeymoon in Canada. I will blog about this once I have some time, and I can post some pictures (they are on the other laptop). The memories from there were incredible, the wildlife, the scenery, the occasion, and the time together was perfect. If we had known the stress that was to follow, I guess we wouldn’t have gone, spent all that money…. So, in hindsight, I am glad we didn’t know what the immediate future had in store for us.

So, I flew back, straight into the arms of a loving family. I spent 4 days away with DBM, Sister R and Sir Chili Boy and Ma on a canal barge to celebrate Mum’s 70th birthday, and a rare chance for the family to be together. The following Sunday, Ma had a small party, and it was the first time in 3 years, all four siblings had been together. It was great for Ma to have her children all together, and we had some beers and wine, and a good day was had by all. As you can see from English Mum’s blog, I had a short trip to English Towers in Ireland for her Wedding Blessing. On the way, I stopped to see a great friend in Dublin, and then had the huge lift of a family do.

To see EM, Hubby and her wonderful kids, share some time with the rest of the family from old to young was exactly what I needed, and the 3 days were full of laughs, and many beers in the pub/undertakers. Bert being the star !!! The last few days have been spent in France playing golf with my Brother, Cousin and 4 other great friends. Our 7th trip across the weather, and as always a laugh a minute, and a trip to keep my spirits high.

So, what next… well, we have had some good news, and Mrs M is finally coming home at the end of Sept. From there we will spend some time here in England, giving her some much needed rest. She has had to endure some incredible stress levels, and mentally she is exhausted, so we will have a few days to chill, see some of my family, go to my brothers for a couple of days before we start the next step of this journey of life. It has been very tough, but some huge positives come out of these situations. I have a wife who belies her age of 28, who copes with all this in her stride, knows when to have her down moments, and also when to be strong, and when to kick me up the arse when I need it.

Family as always have been there, and friends always surprise you. Thank you all…….

Slovakia calls us…



  1. You and Mrs M deserve better than what you have been dealt the past little while. Keep smiling, take your frustrations out on a golf ball, and things will look a whole lot better by months end.

    • Cortes – Well, certain things your can’t control .. A little like my driving off the tee !!!.. things will settle once we can draw a line and move forward from here ..

  2. Aww Moon. . of course I knew what you were going through and the end of September is still too long to be apart but thank goodness there’s finaly light at the end of the tunnel. It was so spiteful of them not to grant your visa but I know how Government is. And their slowness and red tape are universal I’m afraid. I’m still waiting for a job I was offered 4 weeks ago to come to fruition! Wishing Mrs M a speedy journing and soon to be in your arms.

    • As I said, what can you do ? I am so lucky to have a wife that can cope with all this, and we have the vision to see beyond all this. It’s not been easy… but life never is ..

  3. Aw, we loved having you here. Thanks for working so hard and making our weekend so special (and for giving us so many laughs). Big love to you and Mrs M, and godspeed wherever you end up! xx

    • I needed that time, those wonderful laughs and shows that time means nothing when it comes to friends and famlily .. can we do it again ??

  4. What happened on the golfing tour? Rumour has it that Quentin has left you.

    • Indeed, I finished a creditable 2nd… The winner was your brother, and I chased him as hard as I could over the last 9 holes, but he came away a worthy winner … keep it in the family ..

  5. Hi Moon,
    I’m sorry to hear things didn’t work out as planned. I want you to know how much I enjoyed visiting my “neighbours to the South” vicariously through your camera lens. You and the lovely Mrs. M. certainly took every opportunity to explore areas and took beautiful photographs, so much so that you sparked a desire in me to explore parts of the U.S. For Canadians, everything BUT the U.S. sounds exotic and worthy of a visit. For some reason, we don’t – or at least I don’t – appreciate how the landscape there is as diverse and vast as in Canada.

    I’m happy to hear you enjoyed visiting Canada and am looking forward to more stunning photos from your collection.

    Hopefully, you’ll keep on blogging, and you never know, perhaps someday our paths will cross outside the virtual world of the www.

    All the best to a new adventure!

    • Thanks Carole..

      You should get down and see the sights of Californian, some of the most wonderful scenery I have ever scene. We certainly did as much as we could, and there are still lots more we want to go back and see ….. but it will always be there, and we will get back. We adored seeing BC for our honeymoon… We have some great pictures, and I intend, once I get our laptop back, to sort some pictures out and to tell on on the wonderful adventure…

      You never know when paths might cross x

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