Posted by: Moon | August 8, 2009

The easist way to explain whats going on ….

Well, I should be here, blogging about our wonderful Honeymoon, seeing the most amazing things, with some great photos. I have managed to getting the photos onto Facebook,

But, real life has taken over, and the lows soon follow the highs.

In case some of you didn’t know, I’ll re-capped why I am stuck here in Canada. When we left home for Canada, my 18 month visa was expiring, and I had to move my visa from the current visa to join Mrs M on her Visa. Her Visa had been sorted, taken a while as they had to prove her role in her company, and justify that she was running a USA company, and they were employing Americans. Not an easy procedure. So, as her husband (poor girl) I completed all my paperwork, photos, spent the $1700, and had everything agreed with the US Gov’t. However, when you leave the USA, you have to have an appointment with a US Consulate, so they can physically see you, check paperwork, ask you some daft questions, stamp your new visa into your passport and Robert is your mothers brother.

Well, it was about this point life went downwards slope to fuckitsville.

Completed the interview, and at the last minute the girl said, “oh, looks like we have to send your file off to Homeland Security to get your name checked out”……..

I asked how long this would be, she said about a couple of days, no dramas, they would post my passport back to me as agreed. Coolio I thought (should have been thinking cuntybollocks, this could go horrible wrong !) Also, on our honeymoon, we were actually crossing back in The USA. Just going over to Alaska to find Grizzly Bears. I rang them a few days later (the Consulate, not the bears… that would have been silly, you don’t get a signal in Hyder!)….I needed my passport, how long would it be ?

“Well sir, the girl shouldn’t have told you that, it could be today, it might takes some weeks”

me : “You fucking what ?”

So, thats the first bit as to why I am stuck here in Vancouver. Very lucky to have DBM, Mr DBM and Cortes for company, but not great with Mrs M back home. We have been here before. When I first applied for a visa I was stranded here for 3 months, this time we were sure it was a formality, and no hassles.

So, Friday, i get a call from the office, my boss, who I think is a decent bloke, rang me to tell me that they could not wait with the uncertainty, and with current economic conditions, they would have to “let me go” ……

So, thats the shit we are in. nobody has died (well, except Mr DBM’s dad, but thats a different story), and we will get throught it. However, not good, I can’t even get back to the USA to be with Mrs M, try to help sell cars, and try to cuts our costs, and of course to help pay the rent that an Orange County house demands. Unlike anywhere else I have known, there is no such things as redundancy… oh no.. we’ll pay you till the 15th, and feel lucky about that…. so we are screwed.

We are strong, Mrs M is incredibly strong, and we will cope. I will now extend my stay in England, and we will work out what to do from there, but at the moment, I have to get used to the fact, I won’t be going back to the USA for a long time, I won’t be seeing home, and the heartbreaking part, I won’t be seeing Mrs M for quite sometime….

All because the wanky, shitty, ******, Arsebiscuits at the US Consulate decided to “check my name” … they do not realise how they can just fuck up someones life so easily….. but, as I said, we are strong, and everything happens for a reason.



  1. Ah shit, Matey. Arsebiscuits definitely sums it up. But listen, you’re so right, it’s a pain in the arse but you’ll get through it and Mrs M’s a tough cookie. Big hugs, sweetheart xx

  2. Oh Simon that’s awful. I can’t imagine why it takes so long. Criminal history checks and Asio checks here take a week max. Total fucktardery on the US side. I know someone who’s waiting for Homeland Security to check their credentials before getting a job. The job has long gone and he still doesn’t have clearance. So sorry . . but I guess employers in difficult times have to make these decisions. Good luck to you my friend. Thinking about you both.

  3. Moon that really sucks. As you said you are fotunate to be with DBM but not so nice to be without the lovely Mrs M.

    Fingers crossed this will not take too much longer and that you lady luck will be on your side.

    Even the boys have their paws crossed for you x

  4. prayers to ya

  5. Oh Moon 😦

    What big b*st*rds they are. I’m really sorry for you and Mrs M and I hope it’s sorted out very soon. In then meantime, sendings good vibes, karma, hugs and er, whatever else I think might help!

  6. Jenn : Money !

    Thanks people, I apprciate it….. we’ll be ok, we have plans !!!

  7. We may all send you love, hugs, best wishes etc etc, but money………well, now you are asking too much!

  8. Oh no! How awful .. not only to be stuck waiting for decisions and actions, but to lose your job and now be separated from the lovely Mrs M!! Fuck.

    Whereabouts in England are you going to be?

  9. Jay : Not sure what is happening right now, in deep discussions on what to plan nexyt… but we do have plans …

    DBM : Get home safe ??.. Tess gets really mad when you pull her fluff on her Toes …. Cortes beat me again yesterday, final game tomorrow !

  10. Ah ha ha ha “money”!!! Tell you what if I win the Euromillions I’ll sort you out with a bribe-shaped wad of cash okay??!! 😉

  11. It’s sad how life can be turned upside down in so little time. Hang in there Moon. You’ll pull through this.

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