Posted by: Moon | July 29, 2009

Back home … wel, stranded in Vancouver … again …

Go back about 18 months, and anyone who knew me then would have heard all about the stresses and troubles myself and Mrs m suffered trying to get me a work visa agreed for the USA. finally, after 3 months of waiting, away from each other, and days after we got married, my Visa was approved, and I returned to Newport Beach to start our life together in California.

Well, 18 months on, Mrs M has a new visa approved, and with mine expiring, I have to dot the i’s and cross the t’s, prove I am Mrs M’s husband, and I join her on her Visa. All approved in the USA, just need the formality of an interview at the Consulate in Calgary, and Robert is your sister’s brother …..

Well, apparently my name is a bit similar to someone else’s, so my case has been sent to the dept of homeland security, and I am just stranded here waiting for the approval… no time scale, no idea how long it will be. Mrs M has returned back home, and I am very fortunate to have DBM to house me ….. what a joke this all is …. !! I can understand why, for my first Visa it can take time, but this is laughable, and will probably mean I will lose my job. after all, I am due another break at the end of August for a trip home for Ma’s birthday and EM’s wedding, and I cannot and will not miss that. My boss and company can only have so much patience…

so while the wonderful Gov’t decide to ‘name’ check me….. they are fucking abut with my life ……

On a positive note … we are back from our 13 day, 4000km drive into BC, and we had the most amazing trip… over the next few blogs, and via Facebook, I will tell all, and post some of mine and Mrs M’s photos. It was incredible, and we would not have changed one little thing… Canada, esp BC, and the Canadians made our 13 day honeymoon so special. Special mention to the B&B’s in Tofino and Hidden Cove, and to 2 people who we shared many laughs with in Hyder, Jene and Arlene ….. and of course the wildlife, with Monica and Dog Bear being the final highlight.


So, get ready for some great pictures, and some poor blogs as I try to explain our visit to Glourious British Columbia !



  1. I am really looking forward to the photos Moon!

  2. Welcome back!

  3. There are worse places to be stranded than Vancouver, but I feel your pain. I hope you get that sorted out soon, and get back to blogging. With pictures!!

  4. Some people can sure babble on!!
    Hope all works out right for you and Mrs m.
    Had a great time at Hyder. Look forward to reading your BLOG.

    Our very best

  5. Days can feel like seconds if you enjoy them… or they can feel like years if you feel low….. We will get through this… again ;)))

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