Posted by: Moon | July 7, 2009

Canadians Eh …

So, after a few hours flying, even less hours getting no sleep in a hotel, a stressful time in the US Consulate, I am nor chilled, in a bar in Calgary airport, with 5 hrs to kill….. The trip has been fairly uneventful. People that know me, will know I ma never late for anything, and I always seemed to time things so I have hours to spare. For two reasons really, firstly, I hate to miss things, and get stressed if timelines are getting close. Also, I think it is terribly rude to be late for anything. A few stresses along the way to get here. Mrs M was stressed at me leaving, just not the best of days to leave her on her own, understandable, but what could I do ? Flights were excellent, on time, and I arrived in Calgary at about 10pm. The only slight troubles started here, and if these are the height of my troubles, then my life is not so bad. Immigration was tough. I really didn’t think it would be an issue, after all, I have papers for my booked appointment at the Consulate, and proof that I am visiting my sister in Vancouver. After a good 30mins of gentle questions, I was stamped in. I will note the immigration people in Canada are always very nice, personable and polite, even with a sense of humour (LAX immigration take note) … it might have something to do with the fact they sadly managed to kill a lost soul in Vancouver about 18 months ago with a Tazar … poor fella…

With the delay, the baggage hall is empty with 1 lone bag sadly whirring round the carouse. That was the strange thing, I had definitely put TWO bags into the system at John Wayne Airport … hmmmm, trouble I feel. So, off I go to report my missing bag, and fill all the paperwork out. I stress, very importantly that the bag MUST get to me tomorrow morning, or they will have to ship it direct to DBM. That actually would have been cool, saved me trying to lug two heavy bags about with me. The guys were nice and promised me it would arrive safely in Vancouver the following day. So, finally, about 12.30am, I get to a room that is about 110F, and try to sleep. It takes me normally about 24 secs to fall asleep, much to Mrs M annoyance (she is normally half way through a sentence when I am counting Baa Baa’s)… so, I finally start to drift off about 1.30am, when my phones goes … fuckers have rung a wrong number, so I cut it off… nope, three more attempts to call me, I angrily answer …..My bag has arrived in Calgary, thought I might like to know !!!! … To be fair to the girl, I had made a fuss about how important it was, so I guess she was doing as asked !

I get up at 6.30, in the cab at 7.20, outside the consulates office at 8am… only 1.5 hrs before my interview (see, I hate to be late). I have a wander around, and discover that the Rodeo is in town. The Calgary Stampede, and every soul is all ‘Cowboy’d” up YeeHaw !… also explain why my Sauna of a room was $120 instead of an acceptable $50 ! Still, I had no choice to go when I did. To get an appointment is like finding a dog that talks … rare. To get one when and where you want it is like finding a dog that talks Norwegian… even rarer !

Interview goes as planned, I knew this time the Visa wouldn’t be an issue, but you still get nervous, have to go through all the checks, and it’s never a nice experience, however, the people here were so polite, with a sense of humour, calm and friendly… (US Consulate at Vancouver take note !) I get back to the airport, and I am re-united with my bag.. lovely.. people have done a great job getting it back to me, I check in.. couldn’t have met nicer people.. wow, this is all going pretty well… and I am all checked in …

Are Canadians always so nice ….? I think so.


  1. I guess I should have warned you about the Stampede……..
    And no, Canadians are not always nice – remember, I am a Canadian!

  2. Well the Canadian’s I’ve met are always very nice. Shame aboot the bag tho. Glad you were united. We lost a rucksack full of trinkets that we’d bought in Europe at LA actually we traded it for the same style of bag filled with boys dirty socks. It turned out the family who accidentally picked up our bag of treasures were staying at the same hotel so we had a happy ending too. Enjoy the stampede cowboy, you should buy a 10 gallon hat!

  3. Sounds like a trying trip, Moon – but everything turned out fine, yes?

    Every time we’ve had anything to do with a Canadian, they’ve been super-nice! And the time we nearly missed our connection in Calgary, they were super-super-nice, meeting us at the gate and fast-walking us through to our plane, which was being held for us.

    I love Canadians!

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