Posted by: Moon | July 4, 2009

Come Fly with me, Come Fly…..

I am off away from California for a few weeks… not all holiday, but of course, some of it will be …

I am leaving, on my own on Monday afternoon to head, via Salt lake City, to Calgary. Not a long stop there, but probably the most important. I have to leave the USA, and go for an interview at a US Consulate to have an interview so the re-new my work visa. i am all for making sure immigrants have the correct visas, and deserve to be in any country, but… They have agreed Mrs M, and as her spouse, as long as I can prove I am married, they grant mine. But, I still have to leave the USA and go for interview. This would be ok, but they keep my passport for 4 days !, so what am I supposed to do ?…….

Well, I am very fortunate here, and I have my sister DBM in Vancouver. So, that’s about an hour flight, and I can stay with her, and the Calgary consulate can send it to me there. I can also work from anywhere, as long as I have an Internet connection, so that is all good.


During the week-end, I also get chance to spend sometime with DBM, Mr DBM, and we will go for some walks, and she has promised me I will see some bears …..Also, I will get to play golf with my good friend Cortes.

On the Thursday night, 10 days later, Mrs M will fly up to Vancouver, and we will finally head off to Vancouver Island, and then sail to the bottom tip of Alaska for a long awaited, and dreamtof Honeymoon ….. More of that itinery to come…



  1. OH Green doesn’t cut it. I’ve longed to go to Canada for ages. You’re so lucky having rellies there to crash with. It is a bit ridiculous this leaving the country to apply to get back in though . .we have the same conditions here. My nephew has to come home to apply for a European passport so he can go back and live in England next year. Weird. Enjoy and I’m sure there will be photos?

  2. I believe that it was Cortes that promised the bears, not me. And Baino – you are welcome to stay anytime.

  3. That is crazy!!! Oh well. As long as you can stay, huh?

    DBM in Vancouver sounds good. My BIL lives in Vancouver. Next time, I’ll squeeze in a coffee with DBM!

    And have fun with Cortes and the golfing bears, too! 😉

  4. I would love that, Jay!

  5. Yes, I promised bears, and bears I will deliver! Unless there aren’t any, in which case I wont. At the very least, we will spot the beverage cart on many holes. Although not quite as photogenic as a black bear chasing your golfing partner down the cart path, at least the beverage cart is refreshing!

  6. I thought you said Bears, not beers …

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