Posted by: Moon | June 28, 2009

Ladies and Jellyspoons, I give you …… Mrs M …

This is mainly for Cortes (he’ll know why..) and EM, as a match for her fabulous recipes ………


Mrs M and her Amazing Gulas  (ghoulash)


Well… ehmmm… dear All. I hope I won’t mess this up, this is my first blog ever!!!! Moon has been asking me for ages to contribute to his blog. So finally I made myself available and under massive pressure, few gin&tonics I finally broke and decided to do it.. Do what? One of my favorite things ever. Cook.

Before you get excite it, run to fridge, cupboard or even to shop, now is the time to STOP AND READ. This recipe is not a rocket science but it requires time and your attention.  

So here you go…


  1. Take your time. Send kids to playground, your Mr. for beer and allow yourself at least 3 hours (ehmm you will still have time to have your glass you wine and read a book but make sure you checking regularly what is happening in the pot)
  2. Choose  a nice piece of meat. You don’t want 100% lean meat. Gulas needs fat, natural meat fat. But not too much either.
  3. Use as much vegetables (including potatoes) as much  meat you use
  4. If you are brave enough to do it proper Slovakian way. How? Outside, over the open fire, with big pot, plenty of good beer and wine and bunch of great friends and family.





                   5. I ….. I don’t know what else. So lets start.

What do you need:

150 g of meat per person (0.33 lb). Don’t be worried to use a bit more.

  1. Beef meat, cut to cubes , half an inch size
  2. Pork meat cut to cubes, half an inch size
  3. Onion – you need the same amount of chopped onion as much meat you have
  4. Dice tomato, I advice to take skin it off. If you can’t be arsed, no worries
  5. Chopped red and green bell pepper – don’t chop it too fine.
  6. Potatoes –hard to say how much. About one medium potato per person.
  7. Salt and fresh ground pepper
  8. Gulas spice (dry onion 1 ts , dry garlic 1 ts, paprika sweet 2 ts, paprika chilly 2ts, chilly 1 ts, dry thyme 3 ts, dry oregano 2 ts).
  9. Oil

 ts -tea spoon


Beef and pork meat with onion.

 TIP: if you dice onion and you cry like never ever before, place onion into the cold water for few minutes. The onion milk will dissolve in water and you stop crying



Heat large pot with little bit of oil, once oil is hot (not smoking hot) add chopped onion and fry slowly until onion is soft, glass looking and slightly brown. DO NOT burn it.

Add BEEF meat first (it takes longer to cook beef meat), stir fry until meat change color from red to brownish colour.




Once the meat is brown in color, lower the heat to minimum and cover. Cook under lid about 20 min. DO NOT ADD WATER!!!!. Meat will release juice itself. Occasionally stir.

 Once the meat is covered with juice add  pork  meat , stir, cover and cook for another  15-20 min until pork meat release the juice too. Again.. DO NOT ADD WATER.


Add gulas spicy and mix well. After few minutes add boiling water, around 1-2 inches above the meat. Cover and cook until meat is tender.



 in the meantime, drink wine and  dice vegetables and potatoes.



Chop one potato finely and rest into large pieces. Once is meat tender add tomato, pepper, finely chopped potato and add more water if needed (water should just about to cover veggie), cook for 15-20 min.


 Now add remaining potatoes, salt and fresh grounded pepper and  cook until all is nice tender.




Note: there is 100s of varieties of gulas. Some people add beans and sausage (typical Hungarian), some don’t add any potatoes but enjoy it with bread (French stick style bread) or some substitute beef and pork meat for lamb (don’t be scared  to use meat on bones). If you use lamb meat make sure you use equal amount of onion to meat and add fresh garlic. Do not add any veggie. Eat with fresh baked bread directly from  a pot. Everybody will love it.

Well I hope you will enjoy, we did tonight. Let me know how did you get on. And don’t be afraid to ask if you are not sure.


Mrs. M






  1. Serves me right for checking this before dinner time! Now I’m starving. Definitely having a go (do I have to speak in an accent while I’m cooking?). Loved it Mrs Em, you write with an accent!

  2. Yes, you write with a lovely accent, and we can hear your husband’s influence too: “If you can’t be arsed…” — What accent is that again? 🙂

    Ah, this recipe reminds me of my Hungarian landlady when I lived in Ontario. I could always smell the sweet aromas of her cooking, and luckily, she often invited me downstairs for some goulash. MMMmmmMMM! Thanks for sharing your recipe Mrs. M. Keep ’em coming!

  3. Thank you so much – I will definitely be having a go at this!!! I could almost smell it while reading it!!!

  4. Thank you so much! The blog was perfect – I could just hear you speaking in the kitchen while you prepared the gulas, just as you did when you served on my visit. I was hooked then, and now I can enjoy at my leisure. I love the huge pot! Just the proper size!


  5. Wow, Mrs M, that was amazing! I’m probably completely redundant as a food blogger now…

    I’ll get me coat


  6. To you all, the Gulas is wonderful … the meat is so tender, and the different tastes are wonderful. Also, last for a few days, so I get lunch for work !!!

    She is a gifted cook, ablew to produce things from an empty fridge …

    Oh yeah, well spotted.. the “can’t be arsed” part was indeed mine …

  7. Thank you all for kind comments. I have never thought that my gulas can have an accent ….
    EM: I am sure I can’t compete with you, so don’t look for your coat yet.

    Cortes: After you left Moon asked me to cook one more pot.. so he could survive time whiles I was in Slovakia.

    And yes.. this blog was influenced by Moon.. obviously!!!

  8. Also, 10 points for anyone who can guess where the title of this blog comes from ????

  9. Hi Mrs M!
    Looks delicious – I might even have a go at making it – oh no, wait, what am I saying!?! Why would I make it when the author herself is coming to visit and she can make it for me? Just kidding – I know that you will be far too busy looking for bears and eagles for cooking.
    See you soon!

    And the title is from a poem, author unknown, varioulsy written as ladies or ladles and jellyspoons.

  10. DBM – You are too smart… I thought it came from Ediie Izzard !!!!!

  11. DBM – I would be happy to cook it for you if you get all necessary stuff advance.

  12. Wow! That looks goegeous Missus M! 😛

    Hmmm… I’ve had a tin of paprika lurking around the spice cupboard for a couple of months now… might be time to resurrect it…

    However, is your recipe Jennyproof? 😦

  13. Oooh, looks yummy! I don’t do spices, so I might try this as one of the 100s of varieties, this one with no spice! And sod the open fire, it’s going go in the pressure cooker and like it! LOL!

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