Posted by: Moon | June 25, 2009

Michael Jackson, a sad day.

Genius ?.. well, yes in my opinion… and this is a sad day.


No matter what you may think of Michael Jackson, he and his music will remain with people forever. I don’t buy into this pop star, hero worship. Its music, some very good, most of it pretty average and poor. Some people cannot perform or sing a note, or write a sentence, but they find fame through the ‘talents’ of others and make millions. Some come through the farcical word of reality shows, and have centre stage for considerable less time than Andy Warhol suggested people might have. Some musical writers and performers are well worth the money and fame, and they stay for a lifetime. Their music remains with people, moves people, makes people smile and cry. These people do have a gift, and there are very few of them around. People that can genuinely sing, can dance, perform, hold an audience and have a talent for writing beautiful, soft, hard music. They entertain millions. They are special.

Going on from that, and this is very subjective, and only my opinion, there are a bracket of 3 maybe 4 people / bands that can fall into a class above all of those others. True superstars (a word used far too often) of the entertainment world. These people are icons, not just known in their own country, known by people who listen to music, known by certain generation; I am talking the very few who are true legends of entertainment and music.

The Beatles


The Rolling Stones

Freddie Mercury

And finally Michael Jackson.

Michael Jackson was a hero of mine when I was growing up. I knew every word of every song from the incredible bestselling album the world had ever seen, Thriller. Only Srgt Peppers was probably better known. The man could not even move anywhere, in any country in the world without millions of fans and press documenting and watching every move.

He was strange, indeed, I think, mentally wrong. I will not go into things that can never be proved, and will always cloud the genius the man clearly is. My beliefs, for what it’s worth, is this …. He never ever had chance to grow up. From the age of 6, being in a world famous band, The Jacksons, with a life of purely performing to so many people, a father who had different plans for his 6 yr old boy that you might have. He never mentally grew into a man, and always had a Childs brain. Just an opinion, and not something we will ever know.

Take a look, and I am sure you will get chance to see the performances over and over in the next few days, look at that little boy who sang “ABC” “Blame it on the Boogie” … what a wonderful little boy, then take a look at the “man” seen recently… How on earth does this happen ???? Just bizarre and incredibly sad.


His music will be remembered by everyone in the world. Not just one song, not just one performance, but all of his music. In every country around the world. Never under estimate how powerful a song can be. A song will take you back to a certain place, certain emotions, and I can guarantee, one of those songs will be one of Michael Jackson’s. Only a few weeks back, English Mum mention the showing of Thriller as one of her all time favourite moments.

What can I say, you may well disagree with all of the above, but most of the world will not. Your cup of tea ?, maybe not… you might think of him as strange, unfortunate, weirdo etc .. I don’t care.

His music, his talent, his dancing, his entertaining will never be seen again, and I for one and very sad over that. I will be singing every note to Billy Jean, Thriller, Earth Song, ABC, Off The Wall over the next few weeks as the tributes pour out.


So sad that he will leave behind 3 children, but we should be happy that we have been entertained by a true Legend… not a 5 min wonder, who has a pretty face, a good songwriter and great publicity …


But a boy, then a man who wrote wonderful pop music, who entertained and wowed millions and will never be forgotten by this 12 yr old boy, who loved every second of Thriller.



  1. World will remember him forever. He was, is and will be the Idol to many people. Music is a powerful tool and he knew how to control crowd with the music.

    God be mercy to his soul. Rest in peace Michael.

  2. Thanks, Moon. You have expressed the feelings of millions. But as we are all wont to do in this point-by-point world we live in, let me give you my impressions:

    – super musical talent
    – pretty good dancer
    – great landscaper and zoo keeper
    – fantastic singer
    – dubious husband
    – not a good Scout leader
    – strange, but talented at the application of makeup
    – bleached (skin)
    – rearranged (skin)
    – believer in babies over balconies
    – not a great family man
    – snappy dresser (personally, I loved the costumes)

    Say what you will, Michael Jackson was, and always will be, something special. Something totally bizarre.

    I bought Thriller, I watched it on TV, and I was captivated. But I was also captivated by Prince. And by Culture Club. Who knows what sells, Micheal knew. Did he ever!

    And although I do respect your opinion, I could never equate him with the Beatles, Stones or Dylan. Some things are sacrosanct. Some things are untouchable. Some things are forever. And Elvis has left the building!

    Micheal Jackson was an amazing talent, but on a lesser plain. Still, “Thanks for the Memories”!

  3. Cortes : It’s a very subjective argument, and one we will have to respect each other opinons … his songwriting, and performances are up there with the best…I agree not all the dogs were barking, or indeed, all the rabbits rooting, but as an entertainer talent, very sad ..

    Mrs M : I think you are so correct …

  4. Talented? Without question. I guess I believe that with unbridled talent and fan adulation, comes a high degree of responsibility. Certain levels of morality, of self-appreciation, of respect (for others and for oneself), and the ability (and the duty) to achieve and maintain an acceptable level of common decency and the observance of law. In many ways, for whatever reason, MJ fell far short. In my opinion at any rate.

    This does not mean he should not be celebrated as a truly unique and monumental entertainment talent. But we need to keep everything in perspective. His talents far outweighed his character. Celebrate the man’s achievements, not the man.

  5. Well, on that basis, you can discount The Stones … they had zero morality or responsibility …

    Not many of these so called superstars have any of that, all part of rock n roll ….

  6. I remember that little boy with the lovely smile – I enjoyed the music of the Jackson 5 and I have enjoyed the music of Michael Jackson too…

    My daughter was very emotional this morning at the news and I can equate to that ..he was a part of our musical lives (whatever else he was ) and will remain so with all the film footage that is around.

    He was unique and deifinitely in the same category as John Lennon and Freddie Mercury.

    Bless him.

  7. Been talking to the boys about it. As a 14 year old, my oldest has a very negative image of Michael Jackson, understandably given his increasingly bizarre behaviour over this last period of his life. He’s a clever lad and has formed his own opinion, which is fine, however, he’s also been used to Michael Jackson’s music playing in our house since he was born and appreciates that his musical talent was immense.

    I went to see him when I was a teenager with my first Hubby at Wembley. It was one of the highlights of my life and will stay with me forever.

    I feel a bit mixed about the guy – as a parent, I feel suspicion and not a little anger as he was obviously disturbed in that department, but he was a musical icon and I’ll never stop appreciating his music. And I’ll never, ever listen to the Man in the Mirror without welling up – but that’s always happened!

    Great words, Moon. A strange and sad day for all, I think.

  8. Kate : Sorry, I forgot, Freddie Mercury also falls into that catagory for me as well, but again, a life destroyed by eccentricity …

    EM : I agree, recently, so bizarre and sad finish to a music Icon ..

  9. Well done Moon. I avoided writing anything but was saddened by the news. He’s even younger than I thought. Great talent, definitely odd but so, so, part of my early life that’s for sure. They’re playing him on Video hits all morning here! I know the words to more songs than I realised. Great talent cut short.

  10. So sad…

    He was a sad little boy in a very greedy and manipulative world. He gave a lot of joy to a lot of people but was never happy with his own performances.

    Sidestepping the did he / didn’t he debate, I think he was a flawed genius. Like many before him…

  11. Cortes is right about Prince.

  12. Jen : I couldn’t agree more ..

    Sel : I think you and Cortes are kindred spirits

    Baino : we said the same, the radio stations are over doing the song playlist, however, every song, either Mrs M or myself are singing away ..

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