Posted by: Moon | June 21, 2009

Our back yard …

We find all sorts in the back yard … Here’s Ronnie …




  1. Aren’t there supposed to be 2 Ronnies?

  2. Well, with all the wildlife we seem to attract …. there probably is ..

  3. I like Ronnie!!!!!

  4. where is reggie?

  5. Aaaaaah! A Bandit!! LOL!

    Aren’t raccoons one of the species that commonly carry rabies? Oh yeah, and tip over your dustbins?

  6. Ha ha TM I was thinking along the same lines…Ronnie & Reggie!!

    I like him, he’s sweet.

    Excellent photos as always 🙂

  7. Ah Raccoons . . possums with attitude! He looks pretty sweet though!

  8. Jay : I think you are right with all those assumptions, but Ronnie is cute …

    Jenn : Thank you … we like him

    Baino : He just seemed a little dopey, but I am assured they can be quite nasty, and like the taste of cats, which is why we are very happy salt n pepper are not there anymore ..

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