Posted by: Moon | June 17, 2009

Lazy and can’t be arsed …. to sell ???

I sell …

I sell for a living. Not used cars kind os selling, but ultimately, I’m a salesman. I sell Accounts Receivable Insurance, Credit Insurance. I broker deals between the client and the Insurance Carrier. Some companies want to insure $2-3 million, my largest client insures about $1 Billion. Not really something you can sell from a street corner, but ultimately, I sell. I get introductions from banks lending on companies Account Receivables (2-3rd largest asset a company has, that is not insured, and lies in the hands of someone else) … see, told you I was a salesman … Our sister company gets me some leads, and my network of people also provide me with potential customers.

The other way I get leads and appointments is by hitting the phones. call after call, trying to get hold of CFO’s, leaving messages, re-calling etc until I get to speak to the person in charge. I invariably get told politely, ‘no thanks’ or rudely.. ‘no thanks’… I get Insurance Companies are crooks, long conversations of interest that ultimately say no.. and I get success.. appointments and policies. the point being that I make the calls, and I do my best to get the results. It’s no fun, part of the job I dislike, but all the same, it’s the job ….


So, just recently I have been getting sales calls in the office. that’s cool, I am polite, I know what these people are going through, and we are all just doing a job right …. ok..

So, **** off calling me with recorded, electronic messages when you cannot be arsed to pick up the phone and make the calls !!!!!!… NEVER EVER will I listen, call you back, take up your offer if you cannot be bothered to even call me. I even had a debt collector call the office with an electronic message for somebody I have never heard off ….. Surely this has to be illegal…. just bizarre selling technique…. *****


  1. Bloody annoying isn’t it? Too lazy to make a connection but someone at the other end will expect a commission if you do take up the offer. It’s illegal to cold call here. You have to have the permission of the client or have been referred.

  2. Really? That’s the weirdest thing I ever heard. Happily Ireland’s so backward that I’ve never received a single sales call. Nope, not a one. Don’t really get junk mail either. See, there are some pluses to living in a big, grassy, stinky, cow-smelling middle-of-nowhere place.

  3. Bingo Moon. I could not agree more, and invariably hang up if I say “hello” and no one immediately says “Hi Handsome” or something similar. Well…. the thing is they have to say something right away or I know it is a computer call.

    I used to sell insurance too. Learned two things doing it: First, for every 10 calls I got 3 appointments, and 1 sale. Second, once I found something that worked …… I stopped using it!

    Guess you know why I didn’t last! Keep smiling.

  4. Cortes: How come you never hang up on me then, since I can’t recall the last time I started a phone call with “Hi Handsome”

  5. DBM: Your name pops up on the Crackberry! You are programed my friend.

  6. Cortes : I always call you Handsome … !!

    EM : I don’t mind sales calls, we all have to make a living don’t we …. but if you are just using computerised dialling and voice recording .. well, never ina million years will i listen to you.

    Baino : Cold calling id fine, I call from our databases all the time. what you have to remember as a caller, you could be just iinterupting someone at anytime… so, be polite, accept that not everyone wants your product… and then sell. The AR Insurance we sell is not like any other kind of general insurance. It’s a complex procedure that requires a policy holder to continually use the policy … so, it can’t be sold over a phone, but you have to make a contact ..

  7. I don’t sell, but I can understand completely. Automated calls are the absolute pits. We get them too, just as a kind of cold-call trying to sell us something and like you, I would never, ever take up an offer made like that, because it instantly sounds dodgy.

    I wouldn’t buy from a doorstep salesman either, even though they have got off their backsides and put some effort in, but then, I’m highly resistant to all forms of sales pitch. LOL

  8. I don’t get these at home thanks to TPS protection but at work they come in all day! I never hear what they are trying to say I just put the phone down.

    Dreadful things – I used to telesell years ago and worked on putting my personality into every call and being honest – it worked a treat!!!!

  9. I get automated calls from the States, ‘Hi this is Brenda’ I don’t usually get any further than that so don’t know what she is trying to sell me!

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