Posted by: Moon | June 12, 2009

I was thinking …

Stuck on the bloody 405, I was thinking  ..


I have circumnavigated the globe ….


London – Bahrain – Bali – Adelaide – Sydney – LA – Vancouver – London


Have you ??


  1. Nope. When we went to NZ, we went and came back the same way. LOL!

  2. Jay : Thats, I think is true of most people … thats why I was thinking this ..

  3. I am a bit like Jay, except I have gone around in circles a few times. I guess I have covered about half of the globe in that way, over a few trips.

  4. Yep! An around the world ticket means you have to keep moving in the same direction. Then when you live in the arse end of the world, you HAVE to circumnavigate the globe just to get somewhere!! Still haven’t seen enough of it though!

  5. Baino : Good for you… most people though tend to fly back the same route they go in, so to keep going round is unusual..

  6. No. In fact you and Bugs always make we feel very poorly travelled. Been to Mexico, Caribbean, India, but not Aus, and I’m not sure that DisneyWorld really counts as visiting America does it? x

  7. Me, not we. I’m talking like the Queen AND like a pirate today. Arrr.

  8. I have done London-LA(for 2 hrs)-Aukland-Christchurch-Sydney-Cairnes-Sydney-Bangkok(for 2 hrs)-London. Do refuelling stops count as I got off the plane!?

  9. Taffy : Yup, you have ….

    EM : Maaaaaaam ….. yes, you have cleared customs, you have visited ..

    I intend to one day fly back the other way to right the balance of losing/gaining hours ..

  10. The jet-lag will get you every time! It does me 😉

  11. I have traveled a bit, but not to the extent you have. I have tended to visit places that have some connection to my heritage, hobbies or relationships. I doubt that I could get too excited about simply “exploring”. Guess that means that I too will likely go around in circles, and never truly circumnavigate the globe.

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