Posted by: Moon | June 10, 2009

Your ex’s …

Following on from a few days back, and the “I Love You” words … I thought I would write this.

I got a message on Facebook from one of my ex’s commenting on the last blog, and we had an exchange of messages. that’s great for me, and we have been good friends for a while, never really had any problems after we split, and she lived about 5 doors away a few years back. It made me wonder if I am unusual… (I know I am in may ways) …

I think, I have a good relationship with every significant ex I have had. that includes my ex-wife. My first ex, well, as I said above, we get on very well as friends. Another significant ex, I’ll call her P.. well, we went out for 18 months, and after a rocky break up, we still exchange the occasional email, and  we are good now. I am great friends with Mrs M’s ex husband…

Another significant ex emailed me just the other day, how she is doing with her 4 kids, husband etc… makes me feel good to hear from good friends ..

My first wife, although we have lost touch, have remained good friends, she has met and likes Mrs M, and I know that we both hold each other very highly in our hearts. I hope she is doing ok, and I would be so happy to meet any new fella she has… crazy people that can’t stand the new man in an ex’s life ..

I understand (and trust me I do, but that is not for a blog) the damage and hurt two people can cause each other, but somehow, I have managed to stay good friends with pretty much all of them. Maybe because I am very happy, so it’s easier… if I was in a n unhappy place, maybe I might be a bit more resentful of ex’s … but it hasn’t worked that way. I obviously ‘loved’ them all in some way, so, to me, they still are special people to me …



  1. I don’t have any exs………..yet……

  2. I think that says a lot about you, Moon. It’s easy to apportion blame and hold resentment. It takes maturity to see things more clearly and accept your own part in things, but that’s what leads to more amicable break-ups and ongoing friendships. Kudos!

  3. Moon, Jay’s right. It does say a lot about you. I think I’d probably be on ‘hello’ terms with a couple of my exes, but certainly don’t keep in touch with them.

  4. EM : Funny that … I was speaking to one of yours only yesterday !

    Jay : i don’t know, I just like to think they were special for a reason, and that reason is still there …..

  5. Well done you! I find it really hard to understand people who divorce and can’t get on as if they’ve forgotten that they loved each other once . . .especially where kids are involved and there’s the cursory change-over every other weekend, met with recriminations and harsh talk. I see it often. Very mature of you Moon (God did I say that?)

  6. Baino : You people don’t know me that well .. Mature … ha ha right …
    It does help that I don’t have children with any Ex, that does put stresses on people …

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