Posted by: Moon | June 9, 2009

Love …a four letter word

I have been thinking about this blog for quite a while, and now I seem to have the time to write it.


those wonderful words “I Love You”, always good to hear from someone. So, how often do you say it, and how often do you REALLY mean it ?

I am a big “I Love You’ person, and Mrs M and I probably tell each other a few times a day. It helps we are both the same with our emotions, and very open. I have also found myself over the last few years telling other people who I love exactly that. Since Dad died, I made sure I would start to tell my Ma that I loved her, and being away over here, when I speak to DBM, Timbers and Sis R, again, I make sure they know at the end of a phone call that I love them. Somehow, the death of Dad made me realise that I never told him that. I am sure he knew it, and at 19, I was too interested in playing sports and kissing girls to say it. Wish I had now.


I also wonder how many people say it, but don’t really mean it. “Love You” is so easy to say, but when do you mean it, of course there are different types of “Love You”… to you kids, to the smelly dog, to the TV when Robbie Keane scores against Chelsea etc ..


so, when and how do you use those words ?



  1. Kissing girls – in your dreams, perhaps.
    I don’t say love you to many people, so when I do say it, I mean it, every time – even when I say it to you :o)
    I do say love you to my cats all the time – not sure they get it though – too busy staring at walls, sleeping or eating.

  2. DBM – I did say ‘trying’ !!! I know i am more open with my emotions than other members of my family, but the older we are getting, the more we say it to each other …. ps, tough to say it to Tess when all you can see is her bum !!!

    ps, went to see Salt n Pepper last night … awwwww, I can hold them now ….

  3. Never hear it :’-( Well I do and usually from my nephews when they are wanting pocket money. But rather that than hear it and it isn’t really meant!!!

    I too know that my dad knew that I loved him but I don’t think I ever said it and would love to have 30 seconds with him just to let him know.

    They are 3 simple words but sometimes the hardest to say.

  4. I’m a big ‘I love you’ person. We all say it to each other a lot (and to the dog, strangely), and I always say it to my folks on the phone and email too.

    We have a standing joke in our house that if you tell me Dad he gets all embarrassed and says ‘er, thank you…’. #1 is visiting at the moment and I got a triumphant text that said ‘Tell Chas I got Grandad to say I love you back to me.’ So even the Disreputable One seems to be mellowing with age.

    Oh and Moon… I love you lots xxxxx

  5. Friends and family. Not often enough, so hopefully they all know how I feel.

    Oh, and definitely to anyone who buys me a pint!

  6. I don’t say it often but when I do, it’s heartfelt. I get a bit shitty with some of the ‘love’ that goes on with blog commenters. How can you love someone you’ve never met, crazy. I like ’em a lot but love . .that’s the preserve of deep meaning and affection and you have to really ‘know’ someone to share that. Of course I say it every day to my kids . . .but then I really love them.

  7. Lainey : welcome my virgin commentor, I agree, if you don’t mean it don’t say it, very powerful words

    EM : Love you to, I even tell Mad uncle A I love him !, wow, you get Uncle to say that .. good work… I kjnow he has loads of love in him, but for him to say it … phew, good work, and everyone loves Bert

    and of course I love you loads

    Cortes : Sure they do, nice to hear it though… and it means you must love me about 6 times on a round of golf !

    Baino : Thats my point, it’s too powerful to use without thinking, I do not like all the fake kisses and ‘Love you darling’ stuff .. like you, I like quite a few people, but only truely love a few of them. Some I don’t like at all !!!!

  8. I don’t say it that often but I never, ever say it without fully meaning it. There are, of course, many levels of love, but if I tell someone I love them, then I do.

    I use it rather more loosely about things, though. I’m always saying ‘I love that picture’ or flower, or movie, or whatever. Everyone does, don’t they?

  9. Jay : Of course they do… I love Ice cream … oh, I really love ice cream …

  10. and chocolate? 😉

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