Posted by: Moon | May 29, 2009

Onto Bryce and Zion…

So, to continue our ‘week-end’ away, we left behind the wonder of The Grand Canyon to pastures new for me and Mrs M. this happened to be the 24th of May, and my birthday, and can you imagine a day like this .. see 4, yes FOUR of the worlds greatest places on earth in one day .. The Grand Canyon, Bryce Canyon, Zion and finally Las Vegas… all in one day .. just amazing.

It was  a very long day as you can imagine. We left the Canyon at 5 am, stopping for coffee in a small town along the way. I mention this for one reason, we all had our morning coffee and the guys had a muffin, but I had my first birthday treat… Chocolate !!!, I don’t give a damn it was only 6 am, I had coffee and my first chocolate since 2008 .. I had kept my new years resolution !!…

Ok, so we had a very pleasant drive upto Bryce. The road climbing high as we followed the River meandering north. The pastures were beautifully green, and I was educating Mrs M about ox-bow lakes and meandering rivers !. We entered the park about 10 pm, and once again, in awe of the wonders of the USA. Bryce is different to The Canyon. The pillars of stone left by water erosion are just beautiful, and impressivebeyond my words. Also, they seem so more real than the vastness of The Canyon. I guess it’s because you are closer to them, and you have some depth perception and can relate to the size of the landscape. The colours were stunning, and we went from look-out to look-out marvelling at the wonders, just a beautiful Park, and a must for any visitor to this part of the world.

We sadly had to leave the park after about 4 hrs, and made the long journey back to Vegas. Fortunately, we had one more visit to make, and that was to Zion. I had no idea what to expect from Zion, having seen no pictures, or really talked to anyone who might have visited there. Well, I have never seen a landscape like it. Try to imagine soft clay, and someone has just scraped a large hand trowel through the clay, creating large canyons, and leaving marks like a large paintbrush with very thick paint. Kind of swirls on the rock faces. The landscape is different from the other parks, as the mountains are solid rock. So impressive, dominating and so powerful. We looked on in awe at this wonderful rocky scene. Apparently, the mountains (a few zillion years ago) used to be huge sand dunes. As a sea came inland and washed over the sand, the minerals in the water mixed with the sand creating a form on concrete, forming these incredible rock formations, and markings that define Zion … WOW, just wow ….

All three of these parks have made me feel very fortunate to be able to see them. I hate to say lucky, because we made our luck to go and see these places, early morning starts, long drives, and some cost, but yes, we are making the best of our chances and living here helps. The Parks are magnificent, truely awesome, impressive, huge, imposing and genuinely breath taking. I have been fortunate to see some amazing places in the world, and these parks are equal to all of those places. If you ever get the chance, you must come and see the amazing American National Parks, they truly move you, and make you stand in awe….

We still had a three hour drive to make Vegas that night, so sadly we had to leave the parks behind and go to the most amazing contrast. Man made, un-adulterated, entertaining man created, neon, fun ! Vegas is all I should hate, but I love it… and in the words of the wonderful Leaping Lemmings machine … Yep Yep Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaah……


We finished the night on the balcony of the Bellagio, drink champagne, smoking a cigar and watching the fountains, just the end to a perfect birthday…. Thank you Mrs M xxxxxxx


Sorry for the amount of pictures, but I cannot chose the best ones … go to my Facebook page if you want to see more, Sorry Baino if I have exhausted your bandwidth …



  1. Absolutely beautiful pictures Simon!! It’s almost like being there again… C

  2. Hi Moon! Go look at this photo – that is the view Mum and I got when we hiked to Angel’s Landing.

    Utah has to have the highest concentration of natural wonders in the world. For all of you out there wondering where to go on holiday, I would have to recommend Utah, and I suspect Moon and our Mum would agree. And you still have seen Cedar Breaks, Capitol Reef, Arches or Canyonlands.

  3. Cyndy : Thanks for calling in … you can show me all your pictures very soon !!

    DBM : Wow, that is just stunning … we are going back to Zion when we have a little more time, and we will do that hike !, We plan to see all the rest on our thanksgiving trip….

  4. I think I may have said this before but I can understand why Americans don’t travel as much as perhaps we do, there’s so many fantastic natural wonders right there at home if you bother to find them. Beautiful pics and the bandwidth is stable! Cheers and very happy birthday to you.

  5. Baino : Thank you x, I have also discovered why they don’t travel overseas. I didn’t appreciate this before, and moan about it, but I can certainly understand now, esp with the lack of holiday they are given as well.

  6. Wonderful pictures, Simon. Can’t wait to go there, probably next year.

    When you say : I hate to say lucky, because we made our luck to go and see these places, early morning starts, long drives, and some cost, but yes, we are making the best of our chances and living here helps. At work, they all tell me : do you know that you’re lucky to go to Asia, Africa, name it… even when I just go fishing, shopping or to the spa (!!!!). Really boring and it makes me crazy. Maybe it’s because I don’t have the some priorities in life than you and that you should think about it. You choose your life, I choose mine…

    Anyway, you understand what I mean.

    Continue to make your chance, Simon.

  7. I love your pictures of Bryce! I loved the place and would like to go back. Looks like you got some angles we missed, but hey! There’s always next time, right?

    Did you see the Chequerboard Mesa? Or should that be Checkerboard Mesa? I thought Zion was stunning. I’d like to go back there, too.

    Nice one of you and Mrs M, too!

  8. Each time I see your posts and the marvelous photos, I wonder what I am missing close to home. I can’t wait for you get up here and explore my backyard, so that I can see what I have been missing.

  9. Helene : We have spoken about this before, you make your own luck, and you make your own choices in life …. I chose to travel right now, and I love every second ….

    Jay : I am sure there are 100’s of dofferent angles to takes so many shots from … we are planning to go back for a week-end of camping there so we can explore even more …

    Cortes : It’s not long now, in fact, I’ll be flying you way this time next month, crazy how time flies !!!!!.. I expect to see bears on the fairway pls !

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