Posted by: Moon | May 26, 2009

God looks after the righteous… and the devil looks after his own !

So, we were having no luck at The Canyon.. we spent more time in the moring watching clouds, some tiny shafts of sunlight, and no bloody canyon. So what else can you do ??, go for some lunch and ask the big fella upstairs, or indeed, the warm bloke lower down.. to help you out …


Within 30 mins, look what appeared ..


I have no words strong enough to describe this scene, and when we had a rare Californian Condor soar above we, well, maybe we should get some lottery numbers on. The sheer expanse of horizon that keeps changing colour astounds me. Make me feel so very small. You have to keep looking away so your eyes can re-focus, and re-adjust to the maginutde and power of The Canyon… Enjoy these, because the following day amazed me even more …



  1. Nice Californian condor – was he lost?

  2. DBM : guess he was, so nice to watch him do us a fly by … twice !!!, not as big as his South American relations, but still a precious sight to see ..

    Thanks for my pressie too xxx

  3. WOW!

    That is all.

    PS Pressie must be lost in post. Damn that An Post, they’re rubbish.

  4. Very impressive. Careful you don’t hook one into that hazard!

    No pressie, sorry, will make up for it when you arrive this summer.

    Hmmmmm, that sounds a bit gay doesn’t it?

  5. Gorgeous photos! I’m so glad the mist lifted for you!

    It’s very impressive, isn’t it?

  6. Jay : even after seeing it for the second time, I was still amazed …

    Cortes : Very gay .. again ….

    EM : Things don’t change, still at least my two ‘skin and blisters’ both remembered with cards and pressies ..

  7. beautiful!

  8. You alone may be responsible for my going over my huge bandwidth limit! FANTASTIC photos. I have to see it for my self one day, I really do. Breathtaking. Particularly so since you have family visiting, they must be totally ‘wowed’.

  9. Patty : Thanks, there will be more appearing from Bryce and Zion shortly …

    Baino : Sorry bout that … I will be posting more later this week, maybe Facebook might be better ????

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