Posted by: Moon | May 23, 2009

Live from the Grand Canyon

IMG_1507What am I doing blogging live from the Canyon, when I should be sitting in wonderment of the vastness and creation of the damn thing … well, I would if I could see the chuffing thing. Certain things you can’t control, and the weather is one of those. Having arrived safely from the 8 hr drive, we have been struck with some bad luck, and mist, low cloud and rain has hampered our attempts to see the Canyon.

We arrived after numerous wee stops (Seems as if you are not alone EM with a peanut sized bladder) only for the rain to be coming down, the the Canyon hidden behind a curtain of fog. Such a shame, we managed to get some glimpses yesterday as the weather teased us, and made sure G&T did actually believe us that we had driven to see something, and not just around in circles !

After a shocking nights sleep, they only booked us one room, ‘somebody’ snores, and some people do have a peanut sized bladder and insist on using the loo all night … plus the fact the noisiest heating turns on at 3 am ,,, grr, I know I am a light sleeper, but still… I just need some sleep people ! After that night, we were all awake at 4am again, so we though we would try to see one of the wonderful scenes the canyon can offer, sunrise… the noises as the birds and the canyon has as it wakes, and the silence of having nobody there …. arsebiscuits … foiled again by the weather ….




What can you do ??, just smile, and appreciate the small glances the canyon gives you ….. such a shame, as we know how beautiful it is out there, and G&T just have to believe us. We returned after 4 hrs of coffee drinking, pacing, glancing at the sky … I have learnt some new Slovak phrases for “It’s getting brighter”, “it’s ok”, “we are loving this anyway”, “it’s getting pretty dark over Will’s Mums” …. so we returned to the lodge, G&T and Mrs M recharging the batteries with some sleep, leaving me to be sat here updating from our trip….



We still have all afternoon for the weather to help us out, if not, well, we will head onto Bryce and Zion, and we know the weather will be good in Vegas ….



  1. Not an auspicious beginning, I must say. Let’s hope things improve you all. Shall be sending you all the match scores as they happen tomorrow.

  2. Unbelievable, but it is contagious! Meant to say “for you all”. Sorry.

  3. Cortes : I just thought you were from the deep South … ya’ll …

  4. That second photograph is amazing! Those ominous clouds, with the sunlight behind… I have robbed it and it is now my desktop background!!!

  5. Thats cool Grandad, and I know how much you enjoy parting with cash, invoice is on it’s way …. thanks for popping by, I thought I had lost you !

  6. Lost me? Nah! I pop up from time to time where people least expect me. If you want cash, you can come and collect it.

  7. Knowing your luck, you’ll probably get a sandstorm in Vegas! LOL!

    Are those photos supposed to be clickable? Because I can’t see them any bigger than the thumbnails. 😦 They look magnificent though. Sometimes mist and cloud can enhance things, if you look at it right.

    Well, that’s what they told me, anyway.

  8. Aww . . they’re still lovely photos and your guests will be seeing the Canyon in a ‘different’ light at least. I took a visitor to Sydney up to Centrepoint tower where the view is normally fantastic. Sadly we were above the clouds like the land of Lando Calrysian and couldn’t see a damn thing!

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