Posted by: Moon | May 20, 2009

On the road again …

The feet are itching, and we have a great excuse to be back on the road exploring this wonderful country…

As I mentioned a few posts back, we have visitors over from Slovakia, and they have entrusted myself and Mrs M to organise some travel for them. It also happens to be a long week-end here, and I am due a couple of days off, so we have taken Friday and Tuesday off to give us a 5 day break… perfect.

Now the trip describe below is an amazing trip to be had over a long week-end. We realise that most people (G&T our guests prove this) only get this chance once in a lifetime, and it truly is a wonderful trip. We are so lucky to be able to do this over a long week-end ! That said, it is not an easy trip, and does take some dedication to some very early mornings, and some long distances driving. We are very happy to do that, so we have this trip organised for G&T ..

Friday we will be up at 3am, leaving the house here in Newport Beach at 4am to head to Vegas. We will have coffee in, hand we should be arriving there for a 8 am breakfast. Crazy you may think, but it’s the long week-end here, and the freeways are awful. Also, we get to see the sunrise as we head into the desert. If you have never seen that, then you should. Also, we have to get a fair distance, and make use of the day, so an early start it is. So via a Starbucks, we will have some feed in Vegas, then continue on our way to the wonderful North Rim, Grand Canyon. It’s a stunning scene, and probably the most beautiful, natural wonder of the world (open to debate I know …) We should arrive there around 2-3 pm, and we can have the afternoon just marvelling at the view. We will settle at the only lodge for sunset, and watch the changing colours of the Canyon.

Saturday morning will be an early rise again, this time to see the sunrise over the Canyon, again, the changing colour have to be seen. The advantage of the North Rim over the South (I haven’t been to the South Rim, but I have been told) is that the North is hard to get to, and there is only one Lodge to see and visit, so you do not get that many people about. You can wonder at the silence, and the tranquility that is the Canyon. We have all day here to look around, relax and enjoy.

Sunday morning will be yet another early rise. We will leave the North Rim and drive the 3 hrs to Bryce Canyon, then onto Zion. I have never  seen these two, and by all accounts are equally stunning as the Canyon, but in a different way. Sadly, we only have the day there, and Sunday night will will drive back to Vegas. It also happens to be my 24thBirthday on Sunday (I share this with Caesar, Queen Victoria and Bob Dylan) So, finally, after keep my New Years Resolution, I can have some Chocolate !!!!! We will also have a beer at The Belaggio, over looking the fountains… Not bad eh ?!?!?!

Monday will a day of showing G&T the amazing world of Vegas, including all the casinos we can… some walking to be done, and will be a tough day, but if you don’t have the energy for Vegas, go home !….

Tuesday is a day of driving home, but not until we have visited the amazing Hoover Dam, and this time we will do the tour down inside the Dam.


So, we are very lucky to be able to have this kind of trip, but over 1200 miles to drive, not a breeze, but worth every mile !!!


ps … Kittens 0, fucking possums 3 !!!, this was a large bastard I can tell you !!!!


  1. Here in North America 1200 miles is a sprint. Enjoy your weekend, and place a bet for me! Try the really big slot, you know, the one that gets you 17 million?

  2. Cortes : What would we do with $17 million …. ???

  3. 24th birthday my arse.

  4. EM : I correct my statement, I share my birthday with Queeb Victoria, Caesar, Drylan and your Arse … Happy Birthday Arse !

  5. Sorry, where does the “we” come in?

  6. Ok… What would “I” do with $17 million ???

  7. Bon Voyage! You can be my tour guide any time!

  8. You were right the first time. It is “we”. Don’t know what I was thinking of.

  9. Oh, Moon, you’ll have a GREAT time!! We stayed at the Bellagio and it was wonderful.

    Bryce was my favourite of the canyons we saw, it’s simply gorgeous – try to get there for sunrise or stay till sunset, the light is sssssoooooo much better – and Zion is breathtaking too!

    Your Slovakian visitors will love it all, I bet!

  10. Jay! You didn’t pick him up on a single mishtake! I smell favouritism…

  11. You mean ‘it’s my birthday ON the 24th’, not ‘it’s my 24th birthday’.

    There. Who needs Jay to pick out your mistakes eh?

  12. EM : Glad you remembered it’s the 24th… and my present is where exactly ?

  13. Well at least we sent you a card….we did think of you, so there! Hope it was a good one….though rather more than your 24th methinks!!

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