Posted by: Moon | May 20, 2009

Kittens 0 : Possums 2

That was the result of our first night of trying to trap Salt n pepper …. so, anyone want a possum ????



  1. HAhahahahahahaha!! *Snort*

    Trying again tonight?

  2. Yeah, but I will take the traps in overnight, I really do not want a racoon or a skunk in there !!!

  3. Double snort! Watch out for those claws!

  4. Would love to get a photo of you scampering away from an angry skunk!

  5. Sounds like me and Hubby trying to catch the runaway blue greyhound. Every morning the dog trap would contain a very cross fox or a pretty angry cat, but never a greyhound. Cost me a fortune at the butcher’s too. Can we have possum photos?? Oh, and where are the kittens going once caught?

  6. EM : I just let the possum go, he was not a happy Possum, he managed to get his jaw stuck in the cage, and was not comfortable at all, so I managed to free his jaw, and just let him go back into the night. The Kittens will go to a moggie home, where they will get the used to humans, and find a home for them…. if we ever catch them !!!!!!

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