Posted by: Moon | May 17, 2009

They’ve gone :-(

We seem to have lost Salt n Pepper …….

Mum is still around, eating, but we haven’t seen the kittens for 1.5 days now. Maybe the lawn men scared them yesterday, and they are just not coming out……


I would have thought they were too old to be carried anywhere by Mum, and I think they are too young to be able to scale the wall or fence ……

UPDATE Sun, 5pm..


Well, no sign of them again today, Mum has been around, under the shed, and has eaten three times today, but no sign of the kittens, I think we have resigned ourselves that they are not here anymore. Sad to say, but I think something must have got to them, either an illness or something else. So sad, and we obviously  decided to get them trapped to late. Nature is a cruel thing if you ask me. We don’t know for sure they have gone, but whatelse can we think….


Monday 2.20pm …..

got home for some lunch, thought for one last time I may as well feed Mum… and Salt n Pepper appear to eat !!! yeah !!!, they have just been hiding from us !!!!!!


  1. Adoption works both ways. Sometimes we adopt an animal, and sometimes they adopt us. Perhaps they bounded out into the neighborhood, found a little kid they liked, and adopted him (or her). They may already have a new home. Don’t think the worst.

  2. I guess so, thats what we are hoping, but, they were very timid little things, and Mum is still around and under the shed…..

  3. Can’t really blame them from hiding from your ugly mug, can you?

    Glad they are back – hopefully the SPCA will find good homes for them.

  4. Maybe someone else trapped them and they’ve been done!

    I’m glad they’re not dead, or lost forever. 🙂

  5. Fooled ya!!!! Thats kittens for you …too much curiosity!!!

    We’re just waiting to see this years batch of fox cubs in the garden!!!!

  6. Jay & Kate : They are back in full force, playing bravely this morning quite a distance from the shed !, just great to see, I am hoping they will be caught today, and they can working on them to find them a home ..

    Foxcubs .. wow, bet they are a bundle of fun, at Ma’s we used to get baby badgers coming to the house..

  7. Don’t mention the word Fox in ear-shot of William – he is one demented dog trying to get to the foxes who wait in the park for another dogwalker to come by who leaves food for them!

    Glad to see Salt n Pepper have shown up again!

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