Posted by: Moon | May 14, 2009

Salt and Pepper …..

So, here you go…. Ma, Salt and Pepper …




  1. Aw they’re adorable! Is Ma what they call a Calico cat? She’s beautiful too. I love the cactus one. I WANT THEM! xx

  2. Oh Moon, they’re soooooooo sweet. WANTSIES! They look very well and healthy.

    You know, our cat was a rescue. The vet reckoned he was wild. He can be a little bit boisterous but he can also be a little dote……..would you not keep them?

    Ah go on 😉

  3. They are wonderful, esp when they are playing together ..

    We would love to keep them, but they are wild cats, and we are not home enought to have them. We will contact the local animal rescue, so at least we can get them ‘fixed’….

    We could ship them over Jen ?

  4. They are cute little beggars! Good to have them fixed, but let mom enjoy them for a while, as I doubt animal rescue will catch her. Let’s hope they get good homes!

  5. Cortes : i guess that is what worries me, I would hate to have them destroyed …. the kittnes should be ok to find a home, I will call the resue today I think… or maybe next week ….

  6. Aww you’re so kind to get them desexed, feral perils are a problem. She’s what we’d call a Tortoishell cat, only females inherit that tri-colouring. Cute as buttons . . although I never worked out why buttons are cute.

  7. well, we made the call today, and as the kittens will find homes as they are young enough to get used to people, they will come and ‘collect’ them. Sad to see them go, but of course it is for the best…

  8. I thought you were sending me Salt!?!

  9. I’m glad you’re getting them neutered, Moon! They’re so cute right now, but if they’re not ‘fixed’ there’ll be a whole feral cat colony soon!

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