Posted by: Moon | May 11, 2009

A busy week-end ….. not !

A blog about nothing, sounds a little like Seinfield doesn’t it !


Well, we had a week-end of doing absolutely chuff all !…. it went along the lines of :

Got up early to watch football, and exchange meaningless texts with Cortes …. at the end, I sent him one say “enjoy youself, go hit those balls Tiger”, having re-read it, it did sound kinda gay. Cortes blamed it on where I lived ! anyhoo ..

Mrs M surfaced at about 11, which suits us perfectly, I get to watch football, she sleeps.. no hassles of “you watch to much football”

Coffee and more channel switching

Mrs M phones parents and her friends who are coming to visit us in 10 days times. They do not speak any English, and US customs can be a bit daunting. So Mrs M talked them through what they might expect.

 I just wander around, and practice chipping golf balls in the garden. Hardest part of the game you know !

We then go for a drive, and investigate buying a new lens for our up and coming trip to the North Rim, Bryce, Zion and Vegas. Also, thinking of buying a second camera body. This my seem excessive, however, two reasons for this. Currently our camera is at the menders, and we CANNOT go away without a camera. So, we thought about renting one, but by the time you have paid for 5 days rental, hell, you are halfway there to buying it outright ! Also, when you have to keep swapping lens, you really could do with a second body !

Then we went to Strawberry Farms, Mrs M to read her book and a glass or two of wine, I went and got very frustrated trying to hit the sodding balls  straight ! harder than you think I can tell you. Just because messers Poulter, Stenson, Tiger and Sergio do it with ease, I manages to create all sorts shots !

Short sleep on the sofa, short trip to go buy ingredients for Mrs M wonderful poppy seed cake, and some food for Mum, Salt and Pepper !… they are providing us with some wonderful entertainment !

Saturday night was a chilled out affair, and then to bed (lots of action there, but that’s not for open forum !)

Sunday followed a similar theme, no golf this time, but more time watching the kittens playing. They are soooo cute, but very nervous, you have to be so queit, but watching them play really is wonderful !

After a lazy day, watching the golf, and the Lakers lose, we got off our butts and went for a great walk on the beach. We always start at the doggie beach, and watch and fuss as many hounds as we can. Yesterdays “dog of the day” was a wonderful bull dog !… great entertainment, then a long walk, me on “fake boob watch” Mrs M on “shaggable surfer” watch !!!

Sunday night we settled down, and watched, for me, one of the great modern acting performances… Heath Ledger as The Joker .. brilliant stuff !



  1. A weekend of doing nothing much is essential from time to time to recharge batteries!

    Mmm. Camera equipment. So addictive! I have a truckload. LOL!

  2. Jay : Don’t start… I can believe how many things we ‘need’ …

  3. Sounds like bliss frankly except the golf and footy bits. Ah I’m sick of changing lenses,never thought about a second camera. Perhaps I’d better get a job first! “Shaggable surfer watch” Gold.

  4. What agreat way to spend your time, luv it, although i bet i can play some better wayward shots than you…:-) and as for Heath Ledger as the Joker….Brilliant, best film i have seen for along time….vey dark indeed


    That is all.

  6. Ha… took some last night, but only Salt was about … there will be some soon I promise …

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