Posted by: Moon | May 10, 2009

Kittens at the Moon homestead !

We have two kittens … well, we kinda have them, and no EM they are not stolen.

In our back garden we have a large shed that is used by our landlord. Just recently we have noticed a cat in our garden, often taking advantage of no Max next door, and we assumed she was just using the shelter and warmth of next doors open porch. Yesterday, as we were busy doing nothing, Mrs M yells out … “kittens” !!!! She is not just a cat, but she is a mother ! I know that they normally have litters of 4-8 kittens, so I can only assume these two are the only survivors for a street cat?? I think they are about 5 weeks old ish, and they slowly glimpsed out, and starred around for a few mins, before ducking back under the shed.


Us being the softies we are, we put some milk out, and went and bought some food for the Little ones.  Scared as they were, they soon managed to get out and devour the food on offer ! I am sure we shouldn’t feed them, but I don’t care. Mum could always do with some help, and who am I not to help here out. Late in the evening, Salt and Pepper (of course we named them ! even came out to play for a while, and who can resist two kittens playing in the garden. Who knows what will become of them….. but at least they went to bed last night with full tummys !!!



  1. Aww that’s nice of you. If they are ‘street’ cat’s thought they’ll not be friendly unless you pamper them. We took on a feral puss once and she grew to the size of a small dog! I think my mother took her to the ‘farm’ because she began bullying her beloved Burmese . . . poor Miss Moppet!

  2. oh no, we are not taking them on, we will well alone, but just help Mum and the kittens with some food …

  3. Need some photos! Just to let you know, you shouldn’t give cow milk to kittens – they can’t digest it. If you really want to do a good deed, you should get them all fixed.
    Our local stray – Bruce – seems quite happy popping round every-now-and-then. He threw up on our porch the other day and left us a lovely great big tapeworm. How generous is that!?!

  4. What a nice fella Bruce is …. we would have photos, but sombody smashed the camera !!!!.. they were playing in the sun today.. soooo cute !

  5. Yup, I’m with DBM where’s the photos!! But ew to to the tapeworm. Where is Max by the way?x

  6. If you feed them, they will want to come back for more. I know I do (for the goulash of course). Post some photos.

  7. EM : Photos will come, we are making do with our small Panasonic, and it’s not the same as the decent camaera, new one arrives on Weds, so be ready !, Max is staying with a good friend of Jeff’s, so at least he has a happy home x

    Cortes : Yes, I did think that, but I kinda thought, if they stay around, living under the shed, they are not doing to much harm. It’s a twister, because I want them to be happy kittens, but of course I don’t want them to be dependent on us….

    hmmm, Goulash, haven’t had that for a while …. Mrs M …..

  8. Moon, if you feed them, they will be yours, whether you think so or not! You clearly don’t know cats very well! ROFL!

    I agree with DBM. Do a trap and release and get them fixed. Also you can buy proper ‘cat milk’ or better yet, stick to water and cat food. And not too much tuna. That’s bad for them too.

    Sheesh … did you think it would be this hard to take pity on a couple of stray fluffballs?

  9. Well as soon as I saw mention of kittens on EM’s blog I was straight over! But alas, no photos 😦
    I think there should be a kitten themed Monday Montage!!

    Oh yes, as the others said, milk is a no-no, water really is best. And dry food.

  10. Jan : Patience … they will be there soon, once we get the camera bqack.. they were adorable, playing this morning .. awwwwww

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