Posted by: Moon | April 29, 2009

Oink Oink Piggy Piggy

I think you might have realised that I do not like the press, I read zero newspapers, and I rarely watch the news from here, sometimes the BBC, but I don’t trust the press, and I think some of them are the scum of the earth.

So, we now have the 24hr tv press creating yet another scare tactic to make people believe what the say and do as a job is important. BREAKING NEWS, another case of Piggy flu has been discovered, schools are being closed, people in airports wearing face masks, and epidemic is on it’s way sweeping the nation … what a load for bollocks !

I feel for the 100 people of so that have died in Mexico, but do I feel for the 20 or so cases that have been discovered in the USA, do I bollocks. 20 or so cases, no-one has died, and some of these people are recovering without any treatment. They announced a ‘;crazy’ 5 people have the symptoms in California…. boo hoo !

Now, this is not the fault of the people, and I am sure the flu they have is not a nice thing. I am lucky, I very rarely get a cold, and in my life I have never had flu (even though some of my older sickness reports might suggest otherwise). But for the press to be reporting this 24 hrs a day, just scaring people into believing this crock of shit. I have even heard Mrs M’s boss from London making noises that he doesn’t want to travel to the USA because of the scare……Pussy !

A nice little fact for you… out of a population of roughly 130 million, 30,000, yes 30,000 people DIE of normal flu every year here in the USA, so having 20 people sick out of 130mil … is that worth the 24hr news, and the scare tatics they bring so people watch their station.


It’s a joke, and I hate the gutter press nearly as much as I hate Billy Mays !!!!!!!! (you might need to google that ****)



  1. While I agree that the press do use scare tactics to sell stories to the unsuspecting and often ignorant public, there is some cause for concern here. Did you know that the last full blown flu pandemic in 1918 killed anywhere from 20 to 100 million, yes million, people and that it was also of the H1N1 strain. Now, I am not saying that this is anything like that, but it does have the potential to be. Also, I am not saying that this is not being blown up out of all proprtion at the moment, but it certainly does need to be taken seriously. What I think that this does show is the need for better science education in schools so that people can understand what the potential threat is and better educated science news editors and some way of keeping the press sensible and responsible for what they report. Scaring everyone to sell a few more papers or adverts is not the way to inform the public what they need to know. Sure, if you want to broadcast or print photos of Brittany’s underwear, go for it, but don’t mess with the serious news that impacts people’s lives.

  2. DBM : Do you have pictures of her undercrackers then ???? … woo hoo !!!!!…..
    Of course it can be serious, as was/is Foot n Mouth, BSE , Bird Flu etc, but the way it is reported here is awful… just to sell airtime, with no responsible reporting, that is why I hate the press …… and as long as it does not effect my Bacon, hmmmmmmmmm Bacon …….

  3. Here, go and read this:

    or go to his blog:

    He normally rants and raves about irresponsible reporting of science, but in this case he points out that the risk is real.

    And no, I don’t. Sorry.

  4. My other mate won a holiday to Mexico and now he can’t go….he is pig sick.

    Plus I had to calm Jane down the other day because her car was low on petrol and she was afraid to go and fill it up……I had to tell her that the swine flu was in Mexico ot Texaco !

  5. Chewy : Are you here all week ?

  6. Ah interesting this one. We’ve had a similar BALLISTIC reaction to the point where heat sensitive cameras are detecting people leaving flights from the US and anyone with a sniffle is being quarantined. Mexico city is in shutdown (Clare has a friend there so we get the news first hand). I’m sort of with you Moon, it’s a flu, no doubt a nasty flu. But we were all going to die from SARS a couple of years ago . .we didn’t, bird flu only infected those who had sick chooks . . .I sometimes think that the powers that be are still using fear as a way of preventing populations from doing what they do naturally – migrate. By all means be cautious but keep it in perspective.

    I think what DBM mentions is valid. We’re so used to tabloid sensationalism that when a ‘real’ story breaks, we’re filled with scepticism.

  7. Baino : Will you please get out of my spam filter !!!!… I agree, I do think the media and the ‘sheep’ that follow it, are kept in constant fear, as it is with fear that gov’t can rule and get away with the polocies they want, I am particulary talking about the USA and the ‘Terror’ fear…. we hear these ‘scares’ so many times, will we react when we really need to ?

  8. I agree with DBM that this could become something more than it is now, but I also know that up to 500,000 people around the world die each year from the flu, and that is the regular flu, so although the deaths to date are a tragedy, there seems little cause for such a pandemic of alarmist reporting. The media is over the top – again.

    It seems to me that they want to turn our news into some type of “Entertainment Tonight” show, full of things no one cares about, presented in a way to maximize flash and minimize information, presented by people with oversized heads, too bright smiles, and bad memories for names (as they continually call out to one another). Why do they do that?

    I tend to watch the BBC news as well. I like a newscast with some meat to it. Mind you, I did like the weather girl on that LA channel you watch so much!

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