Posted by: Moon | April 23, 2009

St Georges’s Day

Happy St George’s day to you all.

I am very proud to be English, and I feel it’s a huge shame that our nations flag, the St George’s Cross has been linked for far to long with extremist National Front idiots. We people are not allowed to celebrate being English because it offends too many others. As you know, I live in America, while I live here, I do all the things Americans should do, that is the right thing to do. I am in their country, if I don’t like it, then I shall go home.


We should be proud, we should shout from the roof tops that we are English, the Land of Hope and Glory. One of the most accommodating countries in the world, One of the most beautiful countries in the world, one of the most historical countries in the world. The English are so quick to complain about what we have, so quick to think of other countries as being more advanced, greater countries than ours. Well, I have travelled, I have seen a fair amount of other places, places I love, places I hated…. but England will always be top of the list of countries.


So, celebrate all the wonderful things that are Englaih, and the wonderful country we have. No moaning about things, look at what we have as a country, and you will realise how special it is to be ENGLISH. Not British, European, I am English.


  1. Good for you, Moon! I’m with you all the way, as you know! 😉

  2. It’s a bit like that here where the Aussie Flag is becoming a symbol of nationalist ratbaggery! Nice to see you loud and proud!

  3. What a timely blog. It could not have come a more opportune time, and although there may be some who might think you and I have conspired, it could not be further from the truth. I will tell you why in a moment, but first let me say:

    I love most things English. I love the countryside, I love the pubs, I love the history and the “feel” of the country. So much history, so much pomp and pagentry, and the Queen! Nuff said.

    So why then is your little Blog so timely? Gordon Ramsay! Yes indeed, the one and only vitriolic chef of the 21st century, who today inspired my perfect weekend. Saturday I will go scuba diving with Mr. DBM, then rush home for a pint and the Manchester United v. Spurs match. Sunday I will begin to craft the perfect Beef Wellington, to be accompanied by another pint or two, and whatever football matches I can catch on my multitudiness and very expensive cable channels.

    I may not have an English accent (Ha!), but I do have an English heritage (mixed with Scottish of course, as what better combo could there be?), and I do love many things English. Not so much the food, but Beef Wellington is quite excellent.

    Long live Boddingtons Ale and United!

  4. Cortes : Such a shame your week-end will be ruined by a Robbie Keane Double …..

  5. We were only saying yesterday that it’s a shame we don’t celebrate it properly. Look at the way the Irish celebrate St Patrick’s day – they have such enormous pride in their country and their culture (and their booze, naturally).

    Ooh, beef wellington you say, Cortes? I’m in!!

  6. You mean Robbie Keane has a look-a-like? Must have. It is the only double I can see him having!

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